A Look at Men Wedding Fashion this Year

Wedding is the day of the bride and the groom. Well, it is indeed a 60-40 situation. But, nonetheless, the guests’ attention should be glued to the bride and groom and not to the attire of fellow wedding guests.

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While shopping for an upcoming wedding make sure you look cool and stylish. It is important to maintain a certain “wedding” dress code without looking dated. This wedding dress code is quite easy to maintain, for starters, steer clear of full white suits. White is one color you do not wear to wedding dinners, pre-wedding festivities or at the engagement party unless there’s an all-white theme to the evening.

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What’s easier to dress for, a summer wedding or a winter wedding?

Shopping for winter wedding clothes at mensweddingbands.com is super fun for both men and women. Men might find it a little easier to shop for a winter wedding as compared to women given the wide choice of fabrics and colors now available.

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The best choice for any formal occasion including a wedding is a trim-fit wool suit that can be paired with a festive, slim tie. But if you want to look more committed to the occasion, you can definitely choose a full velvet suit jacket. You can dress this one up with a formal but playful bow-tie. That would add a certain James Bond charm to your evening, indeed.

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Winter weddings are a great time to play with darker colors. From steel grey to navy blue hues, you can take your pick from a wide range of dark colors without any guilt. Black is not a color we are too fond of since it has been quite over-done in the last few decades. Black at weddings is one way to blend into the crowd. So we’d recommend you to wear black only if you are brave enough to sport quirky cufflinks or a funky bow-tie that can offer a glimpse of your personality through the monotony.

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Summer weddings on the other hand are a time for lighter colors like cream, ivory, vanilla, powder blue and light grey. If you are brave you can easily rock a teal blazer with ivory trousers, but that would require a certain confidence that most mortal-men lack. Suspenders are a great way to add some personality to your outfit and since summer-outdoor weddings don’t necessarily require formal suits, they are perfect occasions to show off your creativity with formal wear.

Summer weddings are indeed fun to dress for, but shopping for one in limited time can be a doozy. Many wedding guests do everything right and then make the fatal mistake of choosing a tie that throws off the entire summer charm. Summer weddings are usually bright, mellow and warm. The ties should reflect the light palette of the suit/jacket and the shirt. Do not go for excessively bright hued ties as these tiny pieces of fabric have the power to ruin your complete ensemble.