Microsoft Outlook 2013 Review

When it comes to email clients, we can say that Gmail and all other Google products are extremely popular, but it is a fact that MS Outlook has been the favorite email client for a lot of people, especially business users. Even though there are many email clients that are completely free to use, and even Microsoft has one, namely, MS Outlook remains one of the most popular email clients today. Owing to the fact that there are quite a few new features and options in this version of Outlook, you should know that Microsoft Outlook 2013 training is available to you at very affordable prices.

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What You Should Know Before Upgrading to Microsoft Outlook 2013

There is one thing you should know before you buy Microsoft Outlook 2013 as a standalone program or as part of the Office suite, and it is related to your operating system. Namely, if your device is running on Windows XP, you will have to upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8 in order to use Microsoft Outlook 2013. Therefore, planning to upgrade to MS Office 2013 can only be done with the previous upgrade of your operating system.

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Microsoft Outlook 2013 Interface

Much like Windows 8, Microsoft Outlook 2013 comes with a completely new look – a lighter, more compact, and more modern look and feel. So, it can be said that Microsoft Outlook 2013 was inspired by Windows 8, and it can also be said that Microsoft Outlook 2013 works best with Windows 8 – even though it works well with Windows 7 too. For example, there are no window borders whatsoever in Microsoft Outlook 2013, and this adds to the modern look and feel of this email client. The new Sneak a Peek feature is another great innovation, as it lets you take a look at your contacts, calendar entries, or messages without actually opening them. Even though the Ribbon is present at the top, it can easily be hidden with just one click of your mouse.

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The New Search Feature

Even though you were able to search within Microsoft Outlook before, the new Search option has become much more advanced and sophisticated in Microsoft Outlook 2013. What this means is that you can now search within emails, attachments, contacts, and calendar entries. Also, the search criteria have been improved, so you can make your searches as specific as you want.

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People and Calendar

If you have used Outlook before, you know that this email client was pretty strong in the contacts department, but the latest version of Outlook has even improved this. You can now link your email contacts with your LinkedIn account; you can communicate with your contacts through email, IM, as well as phone, and so forth. The Calendar has also seen some improvements, but this feature was fantastic to start with.

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All in all, Microsoft Outlook 2013 sports a lot of different improvements and completely new features, and if you were a user of this email client before, there is no reason not to upgrade to the latest version of MS Outlook.

Chris is an IT student who uses the Office suite almost every day, so he began writing blog posts about Microsoft Outlook 2013 training – his favorite email client of all.