6 Disastrous Mistakes during Business Blogging to be avoided

So you’ve started a business blog, but you didn’t expect it to be this confusing. You already know that it has a big potential to skyrocket your sales and clientele, but are you sure you’re doing the right thing? Distinguish your blog from others by organically bringing in traffic.

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Maintaining a business blog is simple, if you know the things to watch out for. Apply these tips to your business blog and observe how you achieve success in a few months.

1. You Don’t Acquire a Blog

Take the time to know the difference between a blog and a mere website. Your fancy graphics and web traffic are nothing if you don’t have a voice. If your company were a person, what do he/ she like? What do he/ she do, what are his/ her interests? These can help you in giving your blog a personality. Acquire a section from your existing company blog or create a microsite. You can also look for the best e-commerce platform if you will be directly selling products on your site.

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2. You Don’t Gather Emails Properly

Sure, you’ve acquired a nice e-mail list with all the numbers you need. But is that all there is to it? All your customers have their own wants and needs. Try to organize their demographic profiles. Segregate them by gender, location, age, and even interests, if you can. This will make targeted content easy for you. The e-mail list is a gold mine of people who are already interested in your product; you just have to know how to address them properly.

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3. You Post Content Inconsistently

The sad truth is that you cannot post whenever you want. Posting consistently is a key factor in all successful business blogs because there’s always something to look forward to. You lose followers at the tiniest moment you don’t have something they’re looking for, so it is your responsibility to make sure that there’s always something for them.

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4. You Post Uninformative Content

Stop making your blog an advertisement dump. People do not go online to let companies sell them stuff, they need content that is useful to them and their daily lives. Try to understand your audience and engage them in content that they find relevant. Master the art of subtly squeezing in advertising and you’ll be getting more sales before you know it.

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5. You Are Not Capable To Promote

Your content is useless if nobody can see them. Promoting your blog is just as important as the content you put in it, and you should know that by heart. Know the basics of SEO and use keywords so search engines could pick up your blog. You can also utilize social media to tap a wider audience, as it’s the best place for conversation. Use advertising tools to target specific locations or interests and you should be on your way to local success.

6. You Forget About Smartphone Users

People nowadays access the internet primarily on their mobile phones. This being said you need to make your blog mobile-friendly. Optimize screen size and elements so that readers can easily digest your content on-the-go. Normal websites load slower on mobile devices, and people get turned off when you need to scroll so much just to finish reading the sentence.

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