Cool Mobile App Development Tools

Mobile is the future of web. So, it is safe to assume that if your website does not have any mobile version, it is dead anyway. An increasing number of people are constantly switching between multiple devices to get information and for that reason, we need to make our website mobile friendly otherwise we are certainly going to lose a significant number of visitors who could have contributed to the growth of your organization. So don’t under-estimate the importance of mobile web design in today’s world where mobile application development has become number one online business.

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Just getting yourself mentally prepared to design a mobile version of your website is not good enough; you need to make sure that you have the right resources and tools to make that happen. Here in this article, we are going to give a roundup of some popular and highly powerful mobile app development tools that might come to your help.


Mobile App Development Tools


This tool comes loaded with zillions of features that will let you manage your mobile in a never before way. However, this tool is not free; you need to pay anything from $7.95 to $199 per month depending upon your requirements. Some of its unique features include QR code manager, customer support, analytics reporting, and support for wide number of mobile devices. This tool is great for small business organizations and for medium size agencies.

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This tool is fairly easy to use and does not even require you to have knowledge of HTML to be able to use this application. In simple English, this framework allows us to create apps for iPhone and iPad. However, compared to other mobile website development tools, this app is a bit complicated. So, you might have to download and read the manual properly before you start working on this. But given the fact that this tool is available for free, you will hopefully bear with these ‘small’ inconveniences.

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Using wordpress CMS? In that case, you are in luck. WordPress without an iota of doubt is the most prolific platform that is powered by thousands of free plugins. So, as you can understand finding a plugin that can automatically convert you’re the desktop version of your website into mobile version in a matter of few minutes. MobilePress is definitely one of the most powerful tools for Mobile App Development that can get your website converted into something mobile friendly. And the good news, this plugin is available for free. Just try this.

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Do you have a plan to build a community exclusively for the mobile platform? In that case, you have to give Winksite a try. One of the most remarkable features of Winksite is that it lets you generate QR codes for your website. You can use this QR code to promote your website and create a buzz around your website. So don’t forget to use it for next mobile app development project.

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As far as the claim of the company is concerned, you can get the mobile version of your website up and running in less than five minutes. This tool comes equipped with intuitive user interface that allows you build the mobile version of your website without facing little or no hassle along the way. The best feature of this tool is that it generates a script that requires to be pasted in the index file of your website. This script will redirect visitors to mobile version of your website whenever they browse your website on their mobile devices.

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