Mobirise Mobile Website Builder is Getting Popular Fast; What is Behind?

Few weeks back we have shared a smart mobile website builder, ‘Mobirise’ with our audience to give them great tool to design mobile-friendly websites within few steps & without learning a single line of code. Check out the post at Mobirise: A Smart Mobile Website Builder for Smart People.

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At that time it was a fast mobile website building tool along with all features packed in it required for an efficient & professionally designed mobile website. Today we are going a few steps ahead as it’s growing fast & getting more & more thumbs up not only from website designers but also from the big G; ‘Google’. Yes Google has passed it as 100% mobile friendly tool & ranking its sites well in search results. You can check out Mobile-Friendly Update & Mobile-Friendly Test here.

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Today we will discuss some extra features you are going to enjoy while using Mobirise to create your mobile website. Let’s have a look at these crunchy features:

Bootstrap Carousel and Sliders

Now with Mobirise you can create attractive bootstrap carousel and slider with just drag and drop process.

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mobirise bootstrap image slider

If you are not familiar with this concept, you can check out tutorials on how to create bootstrap carousel and sliders from scratch & how Mobirise is letting you to do it simply & fast. It can really make you create carousels as effectively as professionals do.

Bootstrap Responsive Image Gallery

Along with creating bootstrap carousel and sliders now you can also find a great gallery of responsive images for quick use. Means everything needed for creating a catchy and responsive slider is there at Mobirise to boost the speed and efficiency of process.

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bootstrap responsive image gallery

You must want to check out the tutorial on how to create bootstrap responsive image gallery by using Mobirise through an easy-to-follow steps by step process.

Reponsive image gallery

Full-Screen Video Backgrounds

Creating full-screen video backgrounds has become a popular web design trend today & that is why Mobirise has decided to add this trendy feature to its toolbox too. Now you can add desired videos as website background in few simple steps.

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website video background

Along with learning how to use Mobirise to create full screen video backgrounds, you would like to explore why you should use full screen video background, which kind of videos you can use for your website background, top sites already using videos as backgrounds and top jQuery plugins used for full screen video backgrounds etc.

So if you haven’t tried it yet but thinking about designing a great mobile website yourself for free then nothing could beat Mobirise mobile website builder along with a pack of advanced design features to make it a real creative fun!