Modern Home Technology 2015 [Infographic]

Interior Design is evolving to reflect our more modern and technological society. The largest trends in interior design at the moment focus on sustainability with eco-friendly materials being in vogue, energy efficiency being on top priority and of course, that technology is enhanced, subtle and ever present in the modern home.

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The perception of luxury in the home has changed drastically, from a focus on expensive fabrics and rare materials, a modern luxurious home is technologically enhanced to embrace the scientific knowledge of the 21st century.

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In modern interior décor the luxury element is experience based. People want to have luxury experiences in their houses, whether it is a spa-centre in their bathroom or a home cinema system. Similarly, uniqueness is key with people want one-of-a-kind objects that no one else has such as customisable technology like TV art or TV mirrors. Sustainability is an important factor, with a responsibility for environment is embracing the world of interiors as never before.

This infographic from FrameYourTV focuses on some of the most incredible advancements in modern home technology, showcasing the amazing strides forward in each room of the home.