Unique Roof Design Ideas for Modern Homes

The roof of your house can offer much more than just plain shelter. Thanks to the imagination of modern architectures and designers, as well as the innovative building materials used nowadays, your roof’s ability to provide you with cover and shade will be just one of the small things it has to offer. A well-designed and crafted roof can be used as a place to relax, a viewing station, a walkway, or even as a great pool to accommodate you and your guests. Apart from the added functionality, roofs can also vary regarding shape, size, and materials used. A roof crafted with the right materials can significantly improve the energy efficiency of the entire house, therefore reducing electricity bills and helping the accommodation stay cool during the summer, and warm during the winter.

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If you are wondering how your existing roof can be improved or if you want to see some of the most efficient and eye-appealing modern roofing design ideas, then the gallery below will certainly attract your attention. Regardless if you are looking for a minimalistic flat roof, a futuristic curved roof or a traditional yet modern pitched roof, you can rest assured that we’ll show you some of the most exciting modern roofing design ideas.

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If you are not sure about the cost of overall process to get your favorite roof design, some useful tools like Roofing Quotes or RoofCostEstimator can help you calculate exactly what you need to invest.

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roof design ideas 2

roof design ideas 3

roof design ideas 4

roof design ideas 5

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