17+ Modern Rugs Ideas to Rejuvenate the Home Interior

Every home needs modern rugs—there’s no arguing with that. No matter what kind of decor or theme you have for your home, rugs will always play an important role, both functionally and aesthetically. A rug can tie together different themes or time periods of interior design. It will all depend on the color, size, pattern and even the location where the rug is placed.

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Rugs serve more than just one purpose in the house. First and foremost, they protect the flooring or your home from scratches and daily wear and tear. If you have a marble home, for example, a fine Persian rug would do well in preserving its luster and shine and keep people inside the home from slipping when they walk around. The rug can be made from different materials—some expensive, others outwardly extravagant—and can add a lot of appeal and style to your home.

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Another reason why modern rugs are very popular is that they have the ability to lift the look of an old house without the need to renovate the area entirely. For example, if you want the living room to look brighter and more inviting, you can open the windows and add a light-colored rug in the middle of the room. This will instantly brighten the area and make it look more appealing and less stuffy. If you frequently have guests or have kids, avoid white rugs and carpets because they could be difficult to clean. The better alternative would be to choose rugs that are of pastel or light shades but with bold splashes of color. The bright patterns will draw the eyes toward the center of the room and make it look brighter and more spacious.

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Rugs are normally made from woven or knitted fibers and this makes them durable and long-lasting. They can be subjected to washing or cleaning in order to remove dirt, soil, sediments or even fluids which may have accidentally spilled on the rugs. Some rugs can last for decades and can be passed down to next generations if maintained properly.

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Rugs and carpets are seen by some families as a sound investment. In certain cultures, these are used as displays or decorative pieces and are proudly hung from walls. Some are even framed and displayed prominently in homes. If you have the money to spend on accessories for your home, choose a quality rug that will last you for years and years. You don’t have to worry about fading or damage because of the intricate weave or pattern used in making it. The closely-packed threads make sure that the color of the rug stays vibrant and pleasing to the eyes for a long time.

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Rugs are not just purely for display. They are good for protective purposes too. They keep floors and furniture from being scratched and scraped, and they are pretty good to rest your feet (whether you have shoes on or not) on after a long day of being away. Rugs are welcoming and comforting too and can certainly add character and life to any home or apartment.

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