Why You Should Monitor Instant Messengers?

Instant messengers are the new and coolest thing in communicating, especially with pre-teen kids and teenagers. There are so many different ways to contact your friends online (Viber, Skype WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.) to make free calls easily. Most kids don’t even use smartphones for calling or texting because all of their friends are online all the time, so they can reach them at any time with no costs at all. As beneficial as this can be, it could also bring a lot of trouble, because most kids are spending too much time chatting and often neglect their school assignments. On top of that, recent studies have shown that more than 50% of identity thieves and sexual predators use popular instant messengers to stalk on kids pretending to be their friends from school.

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This is why it’s very important for parents to always be aware of the messengers their children use, people they talk to and how much time they spend online. While this was hard a few years ago, because you would have to take your child’s phone and go through every conversation to find out these things, new technologies let you do this anytime and from any computer with internet access, without your child even knowing.  You can do this by installing a monitoring app on your child’s mobile phone, and get all the information you need in order to protect your kid from dangerous people and bad company. Here are some things that can bring about serious consequences if you don’t monitor your child’s phone use:

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Cyber Bullying

Social networks, new phones and constant internet access gave birth to cyber-bullying, which can lead to terrible results. Latest statistics have shown that more than 40% of kids have been bullied online and 35% of them have been threatened. Add to this the fact that 60% of those kids never told their parents about that and you’ll see how important it is to know all the activities your child does online. You can find out top facts about cyber bullying to understand it better.

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You should talk to your kids about the importance of telling you if someone is bullying them, and when you do find out about it, keep in mind that the child bullying your kid is probably not aware of the consequences of his actions. Try talking to their parents and if that doesn’t work contact the school authorities. Also discuss the tips to become meaningful on social media rather than just using it for bad or leaving it all at.

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cyber bullying

Teen’s Irresponsible Behavior

It’s not surprising that today teens are becoming more and more physical in their relationship/ Some parents are avoiding talking to their children about this hoping they will act responsibly with their partners, but neglecting this subject could lead to  troubles and irresponsible behavior. A teen that’s not aware of how responsible behavior is important in relationships could easily start sending their partner explicit photos or text messages, which could have a huge impact on his or hers life if they ever get posted online. Make sure your child knows that everything they send to someone or post online can reach thousands of people with just one click, and that they should always think twice before clicking the Send button. If you don’t talk to your children about responsible behavior you shouldn’t expect them to act responsibly.

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Dangerous People

Staying away from dangerous people is much harder in online world that in real life. Latest studies have shown that more than 50% of identity thieves and sexual predators are creating false social profiles in order to stalk on young children. Although internet is a great way to connect with people, if not taken serious it connect you with persons that can be very dangerous for you or your children. There are so many cases in which thieves found out information about someone’s bank accounts just by talking to their children online. As confident as you might be that your children would never talk to strangers it’s extremely important to openly talk to them about all the dangers they can face if they don’t use their social profiles responsibly.

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It’s hard to protect your children, especially in this modern online world, and even if you talk to them about things they should and shouldn’t do, it’s hard to make sure they follow your rules. This is why mobile monitoring apps are a great way to always know where your children are, who are they talking to online and act in time if you feel they might be in danger.

Andrew Goodman works for the company that investigates the world IT market. He majors in smartphones and applications for them, researches the brand-new software for all types of cell phones, including Android, Blackberry, and iPhone devices. Now he is concentrated on exploring the sphere of tracking applications that are used to protect children from online dangers, and in case of employers – to protect the top-secret information of their companies.