Moroccan Style Christmas Decorations; Best Decoration Ideas!

Decking your halls in Moroccan inspired Christmas decorations this holiday season will result in your space oozing personality and warmth. This style is so versatile that you can decorate lavishly even on a tight budget. Some simple DIY and thrifting can transform your home or workplace into an Arabian wonderland.

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Moroccan Style Christmas Decorations


The most important design element used in Moroccan Style Christmas Decorations is sumptuously colourful fabrics with rich, elegant textures and pattern. Some ways in which you can incorporate these opulent fabrics into your Christmas decorating is as follows:

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* Dabble in fabric gift wrapping, instead of paper. Fabric wrapping can not only help you with your themed decoration, but is also reusable and therefore much more environmentally friendly. You need not spend a fortune on material; simply raid your local charity shop for some suitable sheets, dye them appropriate colours if necessary and cut up into present sized squares.

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* Simply stitch up cushion covers using some Moroccan style fabrics, think velvet and wool, and switch these in place of your regular cushions for an instant style update that can also be used all year round.

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* For some fusion, east meets west decorations, cut up some triangles of fabric and strings them together to form a simple bunting that you can hang from wall to wall.

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Lighting is also very important to achieve warmth and to set the Moroccan mood in your space. Candles and lanterns are used extensively in Moroccan decorating, so incorporating these elements not only result in a stylish space, but are also perfect for the holiday season. Here’s how you can use these in your space:

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* Group some candles and tea lights together on spare surfaces, with an ornate tray underneath to both protect your furniture and continue the theme.

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* Find some ornately carved lanterns and hang them over your light fixtures. If you cannot find them or they are out of budget, simply make your own. Some coloured glass or glass paints are all you need to achieve the Moroccan effect.

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* Use candles and free standing lanterns to add panache to outdoor celebrations as well.

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* Make sure bulbs are a warm yellow instead of harsh white to achieve the authentic Moroccan feel.

Colour is another principal element of Moroccan decor. Using the right colours will add the perfect touch to your space. Be brave and steer away from the ‘traditional’ Christmas colours, choosing warm browns and deep reds and purples, instead of bright red, and forest green instead of bright green. A few touches of gold to accent should pull the entire look together. A couple of areas where you can incorporate these colours are:

* In your fabric choice for the aforementioned cushion covers, and fabric wrapping.

* On your Christmas tree baubles.

To further extend the theme, you may consider hosting a Moroccan Christmas extravaganza for your holiday celebrations with friends and family. Ideas include serving a Moroccan feast and a mandatory Moroccan dress code. You can tie up the festivities by putting on some traditional Moroccan music.

Lana Joseph a fashion enthusiast who has the passion for the lifestyle trends that are emerging and she always writes about fashion and how it embraces the day to day life. Nowadays she’s into interior decorations where Moroccan Accessories and Moroccan Light Fixtures have caught her attention.