Most Popular Granite Colors Used for Countertops

Granite is a timeless piece for any home. People who have granite know how great it is to have for countertops. Granite is most ideal to use for countertops because it is durable, stain resistant, and beautiful. If you are considering having granite countertops installed, be sure to hire an experienced and well renowned granite countertop company. Installing countertops can transform your home, so be sure that they are installed correctly with the highest quality granite. Deciding on a granite color can be a stressful decision. We are writing this article to assist you in your decision on a granite color.

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There are hundreds of different granite “colors” in the world. Every slab of granite is different so as we discuss granite colors, keep in mind that the colors are really categories of granite with similar designs. Also keep in mind that even though there are a few granite colors that are most popular, that does not mean that the unpopular colors do not look good in the home.

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Today we will talk about the four most popular granite colors used for countertops. Some of these colors are popular for their versatility, others for their beauty, and some are popular because they have both beauty and variability!

Yellow Granite

No, I’m not talking about banana boat yellow. Most yellow granite colors have many different colors mixed in. Yellow granite resembles beige in some instances, but it has more rich gold tones which enhance the yellow color. Yellow granite looks best in homes with warm tones. Most kitchens and bathrooms with yellow granite have dark stained cabinets with soft yellow lights and light walls. The dark stained cabinets really bring out the undertones in the yellow slabs. Lighter colored walls match the light tones in the granite and the soft lights make the entire countertop glisten.

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White Granite

White granite has become more and more popular in the past few years. All white granite slabs have  darker streaks or specks, but these marks are what make the granite unique and original. These marks also give the granite a textured look. White granite can be used for a complimentary effect or as an accent to the rest of the kitchen. White cabinets look great with white granite as both colors compliment each other.  White granite also goes well with darker cabinets because the dark color brings out the darker spots in the white granite and unifies the entire kitchen design.

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Beige Granite

Beige Granite can be compared to yellow granite as it is similar in color. The difference in beige and yellow is that yellow has lighter tones while beige usually has more brown, black, and grey areas. Beige granite is extremely popular because it is very versatile. You can paint the walls or cabinets virtually any color and they will still match the beige countertops.

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Black Granite

If you have ever seen black granite, you will agree that a description will not quite do it justice. Black granite is an extremely beautiful surface to have. Most black granite surfaces are nearly solid black with small specks of silver. This granite color gives the illusion of a galaxy or starry sky. When light hits it, black granite shines with it’s eye catching sparkles. Black granite looks best with white or light colored cabinets. If black granite is used in a dark room, the countertops will not be as featured and therefore become washed out. Keep in mind that if you really want your countertops to pop then use them on light cabinets!

So there you have it. Now you know more about the four most popular granite colors. As you choose granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, keep in mind our design tips to make your home as beautiful as it can be!