Moving Home? You Need New Tech!

Technology is not just something that we use for entertainment and productivity anymore, it is also something that plays an important role in the area around it, which can add to our personal sense of style, and which is desirable even before it’s turned on. In other words, technology can now be an accessory in the same way that a belt or watch can be – and it can even serve as a crucial aspect of your interior design.

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If you’re moving into a new home then and you want to really make the most of your new space, investing in new technology and setting it out around your home might just be the best way to do so. Here we will look at some of the best gadgets, gizmos and features to add to your new home to improve the look and function of your interior design.


The most important device in most living rooms is undoubtedly the TV. For most, the TV is nothing short of the ‘centre piece’ of their room and will be the item that everything else points towards. Having a large flatscreen TV is a great way to make the neighbours jealous, while at the same time improving your enjoyment of film and television.

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Things that can make your home look even slicker though, are to hang a flatscreen from your wall as though it were a picture frame, or to use a projector to go truly large when you’re watching films. 4K TV also makes an impression…

Sound System

To further make the most of your TV, you should also use surround-sound speakers to improve your immersion in the films you watch and games you play. Use wireless speakers and set these up around the room so that they will surround you as you watch.

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Wireless speakers work well here, because they can also double as speakers for a stereo system. If you want to get even more out of this, then try using a Bluetooth receiver which can be plugged into your stereo and used to enable control via your Android or iOS device. This way you can then play songs from your iPod or smartphone wherever you are in the house and hear them in awesome surround sound through your powerful speakers. This is the most basic home-automation, but it feels cool and never fails to impress.

Games Console

These days games consoles don’t just play games – they are all-in-one entertainment devices that support a range of media. You can use an Xbox 360 to play music, watch films and more for instance, while the Wii-U will even allow you to stream Netflix. These are good reasons to get a games console, but better yet is simply having the option to play party games when you have guests round – there’s nothing like a bit of Wii Bowling to get people laughing.

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Home Office

Just because you don’t run a business out of your backroom, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a home office that you can work from. Not only will this make you look professional, but it will also be useful when you come to set up your bills or write a letter.

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A home office can even just be a corner of a room, but if you want to make it look slick then you should make sure you invest in an executive looking piece of furniture, and that your computer itself also looks the part. Want to instantly look more professional and tech savvy? Use a multi-monitor set-up to improve your multitasking capabilities and basically just show off…


Having a tablet lying on the corner of a coffee table can be inviting and cool in just the same way as a magazine or book once could be. At the same time, tablets will provide you with a range of different entertainment options and can act as a control for things like your Xbox, your PC and even your TV if you have a smart TV.

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If you want to go one step further though and really turn your new property into the home of the future – you might consider using a ‘table top computer’ which is essentially a tablet built right into the top of a glass coffee table. The best of these run Microsoft’s little-known ‘Pixel Sense’ OS, which is great for sharing photos with friends or playing a spot of Poker.

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All these things can help you to improve the look of your home, while at the same time giving you more ways to use it and more entertainment options. When you move home then, don’t just think about the sofas you’re going to buy…

This guest post is authored by Jamie Austin. He works as a freelance consultant for many real estate agents in Aurora. Apart from his job, he has a lot of fascination towards technology and likes to get the latest gadgets in the market.