4 Must-Have Technologies For Marketing 

The technology boom is well and truly here, and with it comes opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Touching on many aspects of marketing, including customer relationships, data generation and tracking, technology has automated and simplified a lot of practices, making it easier and more efficient for firms to achieve their marketing goals. According to a report by Inside Sales, the more funds that are invested into sales and marketing technologies, the higher the chance organizations have of closing deals. So what specific technologies have proven to contribute to marketing outcomes? Let’s take a look.

1. Smartphones

There’s no doubt that smartphones are here to stay. With a user-friendly interface, thousands of apps and numerous customizations that make it easy for users to organize and manage everyday life, smartphones are a technology that every marketer should be making use of. First and foremost, it makes the management of social media more efficient — a major tool that should be part of every companies marketing goals. With consumer-business relationships being more transparent than ever, it is important for companies to constantly be updating, tracking and responding to customers. Smartphones make these functions mobile so that marketers are able to stay up-to-date with this regular activity. This mobility also makes the management of other marketing tools more efficient, including blogs, websites, email marketing and tracking. And it’s not even that expensive. You may be thinking that cutting-edge technologies such as this would not be obtainable for entrepreneurs or small businesses, however fully-featured smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 can now be purchased for as little as $20 a month.

2. CRM Systems

CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems are the new and easy way for the sales and marketing team to have access to a range of information on potential clients, leads and other customer data. A major part of marketing is the ability to track and manage your multi-channel campaigns. With CRM systems, you are able to collect data from your email, social media, phone, direct mail and various other efforts, and collate it to generate valuable insights. While not all functionalities on CRM systems are automated, it may require some time and effort. However, if managed properly, CRM systems provide visibility into your marketing efforts, allowing you to identify what’s working and what isn’t and then making necessary adjustments in order to achieve your marketing goals.

3. Analytics Softwares

With the onset of the internet and the digital revolution comes a huge intake of data. Whether it’s to do with adds, clicks, channels, campaigns or conversions, the numbers and data that can be collected seems almost endless. And what a great benefit this is for marketing teams. With analytics softwares such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights, businesses can quickly collect this valuable information on their customers activities. From here, the softwares also assist you in drawing conclusions and insights that marketers can use to make appropriate decisions. These days, with so many channels and tools available, tracking marketing campaigns is becoming more important as it allows you to see what works and more efficiently achieve your goals.

4. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

For those of you who are real forward-thinkers, make sure you’re familiar with augmented and virtual reality. With recent releases of Oculus Rift and thousands of VR games and apps, the move away from a screen and toward a more realistic experience is on its way. And with it will be a number of marketing opportunities. Think virtual demos for your customers to give them a true brand experience, or cross platform communication and new and fun ways to engage potential audiences. With augmented reality and virtual reality making its way into business, marketers will be able to diversify their marketing efforts and possibly create more efficient ways of achieving their goals.

The technology world is complex, but it does offer many benefits to marketers and businesses. Try using some of these key technologies in your marketing plan, and notice increases in efficiency and productivity toward your marketing goals.