New Apps That Stole the Limelight in 2017

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2017 really was a great year when it comes to new apps that were liked a lot by viewers. Many of the new apps that came across both Android’s Play Store and iOS’s App Store garnered a lot of positive reviews and astounded users with their feasibility. With 2017 over now and 2018 promising to be as fruitful when it comes to new apps, we can look back at the year that was 2017 and all that smartphone users from Android and Apple got to experience during the year in the form of new and redefined applications.

It can really be said that without the right applications your phone isn’t really worth much. The real use of a smartphone can only be achieved if you stack up all the right applications for your use. From games to photo editors and news website, many of the apps that were released in 2017 by established developers and startups alike have really broadened the choice current users have on the store for all the prominent operating systems. The innovation in the apps we currently see means that developers are willing to add more to their technologies to find a way through which they can provide users with the best updated applications for their smartphones.

Here we have the list of some of the best applications that were seen in 2017. You might already have some of these applications in your phone, but do give the titles a try because they sure are going to gear you up for what to expect for 2018 and to make you realize how successful new apps in 2017 were in fulfilling user expectations.

Google Assistant

The ability of Android phones to perform voice search capabilities got a new refreshing boost through the launch of the Google Assistant application. The traditional voice search that Google had for Android did have its flaws and users weren’t really impressed with how it worked. By redefining the voice search option through Google Assistant, Google has proven that they really are listening to user feedback and are willing to implement the changes that they want to see.

iPhone users aren’t missing out on a lot here because the standalone Google Assistant application we have for the App Store is as good as the version for Android. The application has the same smart home controls, conversational skills and the unique ability for users to access their personal info such as package arrivals and flight details in both the different Operating Systems, which makes it a seamless experience for smartphone users. The application also does a good job at merging with other Google offerings such as Google Maps and YouTube to give users a flawless experience where they really can enjoy heightened feasibility within their smartphone. Although Google’s assistant may not have hardware integration similar to that of Apple’s Siri, it really is faster than just tapping around your smartphone screen.


Most users will agree that Nuzzel has been around for quite some time now. The news app, which has made aggregating news links from Twitter and Facebook easy for users, first came out back in 2014. But, this year saw a plethora of updates that have really revamped the way Nuzzle operates. The year was a successful one for the news application and was marked with plenty of updates that were targeted towards the end user.

The first need for an update was felt because most links from Facebook and Twitter don’t provide the highest quality and highly rated reads. There is always an issue of credibility and news links from Twitter and Facebook are often guilty of clickbaiting rather than providing users with credible information. Users had felt that the addition of another credible source could really make a blend that would attract readers to Nuzzle. This was exactly what Nuzzle had in mind when they added LinkedIn to their list of supported social media sites. The volume of content that is generated through LinkedIn may not be as high as the other platforms on Nuzzle, but the quality and professional vibe of the network is really commendable and sets a higher bar for assurance when it comes to quality. This was not all as Nuzzle also added a dedicated section to their application for videos. This was another addition that users had called in for and Nuzzle made sure that all demands were met. Get Nuzzel app

Face App

There were a lot of advancements seen in the number of photo editing applications that we had on the stores for the major Operating Systems. These photo editing applications have incorporated a lot of advanced features to help users change the dimensions of their photographs in a way that attracts all and seems fit for use. An app that illustrated this point in the most befitting manner was FaceApp.

FaceApp, which made use of neural networks could easily analyze the aspects of portrait images and could then change the expressions you had in an image. Are you tired of all the images that you had a weird expression in? If yes, then FaceApp is the perfect application for you to have on your phone. The technology behind FaceApp makes it a good way to change a manly face to that of a woman, a frowning face to a smiling one and a young face to an old face and vice versa. Although, like we mentioned above, there were many innovations when it came to the photo editing front this year, but FaceApp really sits at the forefront or the pinnacle of all these innovations because of its ability to leverage the power of AI and the new advancements in photo editing to create an application that was the need of the day.

Many smartphone users who haven’t used the application may doubt its credibility, but the fact that the application has garnered more than 50 million downloads from the time it was made available in January last year to date is astounding and is proof to the fact that it really does work. However, FaceApp’s journey to the top wasn’t achieved without a couple of embarrassing mistakes by the creators. The developers behind the application really had to come out in April, 2017 and apologize for an error in the beautifying filter that actually made black people turn white. Again in April they suffered from embarrassment when there were some reports of ethnicity filters on the app. Besides the couple of glitches, the year really has been a great one for FaceApp as it leads the technology behind photo editing forward by using AI to augment human developers successfully. Get Faceapp


Considering how common flight search and travel agency applications have become for the last couple of years, it really must be surprising for many that we have mentioned one in the list of best new apps for the year 2017. But, there is more to Hitlist then what you can read in its description.

The most common strategy followed by flight search apps was to assist users in entering the destination, the date they would be traveling and then waiting for the results to come in from various flight options. Once the results came in, the travelers could then scroll through the options and see which one was more tolerable for them. The formula was becoming really overused and the fact that Hitlist changed it for the better is why we have mentioned it in this list. Hitlist takes a really different approach to the whole matter and instead of you dictating all that is happening does some research on its part and gives you conclusive answers. What you need to do is just input the destination that you want to head out to and you can wait for the application to quickly filter results and tell you the perfect time for traveling there. The results really take into account fair charges and other factors that could make your vacation more affordable.

The application also has a good option for travelers looking for a quick weekend getaway. This can come in handy whenever you feel the urge for going out of town during the weekend. Although Hitlist was up on IoS for quite some now, it was introduced to Android during the past year and did a good job at astounding users of the operating system.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV surely isn’t the first application with a streaming channel bundle to take on the challenges of cable, but the way it has managed the whole layout really separates it from the rest. YouTube TV provides a new take on TV and is certainly more polished and refined than many of its predecessors. The application that was launched by the video streaming network for both Play Store and App Store creates the perfect blend of simplicity and complicity. By amalgamating both these contrasts, YouTube has crafted a cable TV experience that is different and better than what we had in the past.

Live channels, suggestions and recordings appear right up front while genres, channels, sports team and numerous other browsing segments hind behind the well placed search button. Each content page within the application provides supplement details that can be useful for new users when they first login. Considering all that is to be gained, the minimal $35 price tag per month really does not seem to be a lot. Many of the other streaming bundles currently present in the market and offering a similar mix of channels as YouTube TV are charging way more than what is being charged by YouTube TV.

Facebook Local

Although we don’t know whether the new application by Facebook has mounted a challenge for established competition like Yelp yet, but the application for Facebook Local really has created frenzy. Facebook Local is a fine way to find out all that is happening in your neighborhood. The application incorporates some of Facebook’s most prized tools to create a connection that helps users locate all the interesting happenings near their neighborhood.

Ever felt that there was an interesting event happening in your neighborhood that you had missed out on? Well, with the use of Facebook Local you can make sure that no such occurrences or mishaps happen again. Since you can browse everything including local businesses, restaurants and all other events happening nearby, you can really decide where to go and where not to. Moreover since the application comes under Facebook, you can tag invite all your friends using the Facebook application in your mobile. This app really is a good way to decide what to do when you have a free weekend coming up.


TBH or ‘To Be Honest’ was one of the most anticipated social networking apps that came out this year. The application really puts forward the notion of networking without any negativity. Unlike many other social media networks where negativity is on the rise, the motive behind TBH is to make people on social media feel good and positive. The teen centric application holds a regular poll to assist users in asking questions about one another. The positivity kicks in through the fact that it only allows positive questions to appear on the feeds.

Many users have reported about the fun they’ve had on the application, asking each other well rounded and exciting questions. Social media really could use some good vibes like the one created by TBH. Although, the application really broke into the mainstream arena its success has tanked ever since October. The fail is blamed upon Facebook’s acquisition of the application during the month and how users have not reacted well to it.

2017 really was a year full of great applications that promoted both the fun and usefulness associated with your smartphone. Smartphone users reacted well to these applications as interaction rates are at a record high. With the trend for quality new applications expected to rise even further in the future we can expect similar results during 2018 as well. Get TBH app