Out With Old: Installing a New Bathroom as a DIY Project

How many baths do you have in your house? If you’re like most people, you have one fewer than you really need. If you’ve decided to upgrade your existing bath or build a brand new bathroom, there are a few things you’ll want to know. In the interest of happy DIY everywhere, we are pleased to present the following tips about installing a bathroom on your own.

Why and Where to Build a New Bathroom

When a home is to be put on the market for sale, an additional bathroom can up the asking price in a very nice way. In fact, adding a new bath may increase your property value and make you want to stay, instead of looking for a new home with more bathroom amenities.

Before building your new DIY bath, you’ll need to figure out where it belongs. At the very minimum, you will need a six-foot by three-foot space for a half bath with toilet and sink. If you desire a shower in your new bathroom, count on needing a larger space and for a bath with tub, a space even bigger than that, advises How Stuff Works.

Finding the space you need to build the bathroom you want may turn out to be easier than you imagine. Examine your home’s construction and make a note any unused spaces. A small bath might fit under a stairwell or into an underused closet. You might even be able to convert a super spacious bathroom into two separate baths. Have an attached garage? Consider building a bath in that space, as well. These solutions don’t require a change to the footprint or foundation of your house.

Necessary Features for Your New Bath

Bear in mind that local codes will dictate the plumbing and wiring in your new bathroom. If you are not experienced in working with electricity, hire a local contractor who is. As far as plumbing is concerned, it’s far less dangerous to do on your own. The easiest way to install your new bath is to tie into the household plumbing that’s already in place. Build your new bath on the opposite side of an existing bathroom wall, and your installation costs are sure to be more affordable. This way, you can add your new bath to the current ventilation stacks and save even more. Short on plumbing tools? Use this online catalog to find all sorts of useful plumbing tools, including drain rods, basin wrenches, pipe flaring tools, and drain cleaners.

Extras to Consider

Since you’re already planning to build a new bathroom, how about incorporating some special amenities? Install a bathtub with whirlpool jets for a spa experience in your own home. An under-the-floor radiant heater won’t replace your whole heating system, but it can keep your toes toasty warm when you step out of the shower, says This Old House magazine.

If you have the DIY talent to build your own bath, we applaud you. Remember to measure twice before cutting pipe or tile, and enjoy your new bath for decades to come.