New Design Trends to Make Your Embroidered T-Shirt More Attractive

We always want to be noticed for whatever we wear. We love to incorporate new and trendy designs on our t- shirt so that we stand out in the crowd. In fact, there a number of ways in which we can add and stitch new designs. For this you do not require any extra gadget or even any special sewing skills. The talented designers’ of today invent novel ways of making embroidered designs more stunning with the help of Customized Embroidery techniques.

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You can also experiment in multiple ways to create stunning effects with these new design trends!

The Warhol

You can create replicas of a single design in four square patterns using different fluorescent colors.

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The 3D Glasses

Give your specific design an outline by stitching a design in flaming red and ink-blue. This outstanding design will make your design rock. Just don your striking pair of retro 3D glasses and look stunning.

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 The Modern Black

 Black is always awesome and will highlight any design Tone on tone surely works wonders. You can confidently create superb effects with a solid stitched black design on a black t shirt. You can also stitch red on red or white on white but black tops the list with its magical effects.

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You can improve your embroidery designs miraculously by using the simple technique of layering. Light stitching designs are easily embroidered on top of each other in order to create a totally dramatic psychedelic effect. In this you can takes two designs and then merge them into one outstanding new and original composition.

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 Just take some fabric paint or use an old tie dye kit and simply splash the colors on a light colored tee. Use your special light stitching design and just stitch it on top for a unique effect which is apt for artists as well as retro fashionistas. This is the best way to create a vibrant effect to your favorite uni- color running stitch designs.

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Take your favorite black tee and use luminous thread which will glow at night. You can create a dramatic polka effect. The moment the lights are turned off, your polkas will glow and catch instant attention.

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The Jewelry Box

 You can create a stunning effect by freestyle stitching your favorite necklace with the basic design. You need to know the simple technique of stitching the chain. You can highlight any design which will be transformed into an eye-catching accessory merely by putting a simple draping line in few stitches.

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The Runaway

You can stitch a super light design with a running stitch near the edge of your t-shirt. This looks good for exceptionally light designs. After stitching you can trim off the excess, and add some patch glue to prevent the thread from fraying. If the design is heavy then after embroidering it near the edge, just fold the bottom under in order to stitch a new seam.

Just try these simple innovative ideas and create dazzling effect on your t shirt.