30+ Ideas for Office Color Scheme for 2016

Check out 30+ Ideas for Office Color Scheme for 2016 & choose one for your office based upon the nature of your business and workplace.

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As we’re all aware, colors can have a massive impact on our mood and behavior. Certain colors are known to stir up certain emotions, and using this knowledge to decorate your office can drastically change the atmosphere and the way your staff think and work. Whether you want to inspire your staff and increase the energy level or make it a serene environment for quiet working, check out run through of the right colors for your office.

Red and Orange

These colors are used for boosting energy levels and inspiring creativity in your employees. Using these colors for an entire room might be a little too intense, however, so using these colors for office furniture might be a better idea. Vibrant shades aren’t for everyone, but if you are running a team of creatives, it is really important that you get them motivated and feeling energetic. Hot, spicy colors will leave them ready and raring to go.

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Yellow is a positive, optimistic color, so if you have noticed tension in your team, try introducing elements of yellow to your office. Again, painting all four walls yellow might be a bit full-on, as yellow isn’t for everyone, but some subtle touches might be all it takes. Yellow-based artworks or some sunny yellow flower arrangements can make a real difference to the general mood.

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Different types of green can have very different effects on mood. Calmer, muted tones, such as khaki, moss and olive greens can work as excellent base colors for an office, as these are professional without being too corporate and dull, so can be a good way to add color to more corporate environments.

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Blue is very calming and is a traditionally professional color, so is good for more serious offices where productivity is key. You could use many shades of blue in one office without it being too over the top. Navy, cornflower and petrol blue can all be used, for instance, both to decorate and worked into the office furniture for an attractive, modern office which should retain a relaxed, efficient air.

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Monochrome can go one of two ways. It can either be extremely corporate and business-like, or it can be incredibly chic and modern and the staple of the most hip offices. This works perfectly for furniture and decoration alike, and is a good neutral base to which you can add touches of the other colors if you feel like you need to inject a bit of inspiration or a calming influence into your office.

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Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the design industry – working with a selection of companies including Whiteleys Office Furniture, who were consulted over this post.