5 Innovative Office Design Tricks to Improve Productivity

What do you think about productivity?

It is no longer sitting on a desk with head down working all day. I think productivity is being creative and coming up with new ideas. To spark employees’ creativity and increase productivity you need to provide them good office furniture. A lot of this has to do with office furniture. You may find these innovations initially difficult. But in the long run, you will benefit from it.

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Know how you can improve productivity with modern office furniture: 

Provide Collaborative Workspaces to Your Employees

Today open-office design concept is trending. When working en masse, we’ve found that innovation and creativity is at it’s best. To develop new ideas, you need to encourage diverse method of collaboration. If the employees feel trapped to their workplace, they will be unproductive, even if you have a good office furniture.

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  • Agile workspace – It refers to providing employees a flexible and adaptable workspace they actually need. This could include – concentration space, telephone space, team meeting space, focus space, inspiration space, etc.
  • Provide spacious areas – Avoid clutter. Your workspaces should have sufficient space to roam around.

It works absolutely well if you have employees doing same work everyday.

Provide Seating Alternatives

Think of your employees sitting all day at the same desk. How about if you’re asked to sit 10 hours on the same desk daily? It literally kills your employees. This, in turn, results in monotonous mood and hamper your business productivity. What should you do instead? Go for the alternative seating patterns. Know how you can implement: 

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  • Unreserved seating plan – The concept of unreserved seating is trending nowadays in which employee can sit wherever he wants. In such seating arrangement, there is no fixed desk assigned to any employee. For this type of workspace, select public space type office furniture rather than open desks. Like couches and bean bags arranged randomly. While designing such seating you should ensure that employee can easily move from one place to another without any clutter and problem.
  • Superdesk – A desk where all the employees can sit together and work is a superdesk. For effective working, you can go for superdesk it will keep your employees fresh and entertained throughout a day.
  • Ergonomic seating – Your employees spend most of their day sitting, and their body may not carry it all day. Make sure the office furniture does not have any adverse effects on employee health. Investing in ergonomic seating is the best solution to it. Appropriate seating will not only improve productivity, but it will also keep your staff healthier and happier.

Consider few ergonomic checks:  

  • The height of the monitor should be below or at eye level, and eyes 24-36 inches from the computer screen.
  • To minimize back pain and reduce pressure on spine, chair posture should be slightly reclined.

Warm Positive Environment

To increase productivity, warm positive environment can keep employees comfortable and boost productivity. Few factors you should take care of before investing in office furniture are listed below:

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  • Lighting – Light brings inspiration to work. You can’t sit in dark and work all day. It helps your employees to stay focused and being creative. Unfortunately, it is often ignored and least invested in. It is one of the most important factors while designing your workspace because bad lighting can cause eye strain, fatigue, and headache. It may also lead your employees to depression.
  • Room Color – One can relate with colors both emotionally and physically. The best way to refresh brain functions are colors. In short colors are the mood setters. So if you select right colors for your office space it will definitely improve your productivity. However too much of anything can be overwhelming, even color. Go for some pleasing colors like blue to illicit productivity, white for peace, light red representing joy, passion, sensitivity to work.
  • Room Temperature – Warmer temperature is considered as best temperature to work. Most offices keep the temperature around 65-68 Fahrenheit, but it might not be good for employees. It might hamper their work and productivity. Do keep a check on temperature.
  • Noise Level – More the clutter, more will be noise and disturbance. The noise level can vary with the size of your team. Let your office designed and seating arranged perfectly to avoid disturbance and noise. Be concise on this factor because noise around your staff may distract them and affects their ability to stay on task. It not only distracts but also makes your employees difficult to stay productive.

Elegant Conference Rooms

The luxury and prestige of your office is reflected from the conference rooms. It should be classy, stylish, and functional. With style, layout, and function it must bring comfort to your employees. The duration of meetings is not fixed, it may take long hours, so your staff should find furniture comfortable. A closed, isolated conference room usually put people to sleep. Instead of closed rooms go for glass walls in the middle of your office, it will keep employees awake.

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Break-Out Rooms

Your office furniture and design should include common rooms at every nooks. It is quite challenging to sit and work all day; your employees need space and inspiration to work. What if you have chat rooms where your employees can chill and have some snacks. With casual talks and discussions, break-out rooms can result in the emergence of creative ideas and enhance productivity. To encourage employees to work more and more, furnish these areas with comfortable seating and tech ports.

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Now use your ideas and Boss’s Cabin design tricks to create the best office furniture. We are India’s leading online modern office furniture manufacturers and providers. Now get your workspace modernized and productive by visiting our stores.

Suresh Daga is the founder of Boss’s Cabin, a leading office furniture company in India. He has a rich experience of design, integration, and furniture retail. He is a writer by day and reader by night, rest he loves traveling. You can find Suresh on LinkedIn.