25+ Inspiring Office Furniture Design Ideas

Who doesn’t love a chic office design? Beautiful glass desks, ergonomic chairs that match with the carpet and a professionally-looking recreation space with comfortable sofas are every employee’s dream furniture pieces. This year’s trends are focused on style. Entrepreneurs and business people in general should be ready make a huge change. Forget about old-fashioned hardwood desks and prepare yourself for something new – glass office desks.

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Glass is an excellent material for a desk. It’s luxurious and it will make even the tiniest space look wider and more welcoming. In terms of seating, comfort is of the utmost importance. Ergonomic chairs are elementary. They’re not just meant to guard your back and help you have a proper posture; they’re also ideal furniture items that make an office look professional.

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Companies have also started to change the way co-workers interact. Ergo, most of them have decided to take out the cubicle and replace it with modular furniture. Shared desks are at high demand right now; they foster creativity, mutual collaboration, and they’re stylish. Employees should be allowed to share opinions and interact at the workplace, so to make the ambiance even friendlier, corporations have started to pay more attention to people’s needs.

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Creating a special recreation room for employees and decorating that space with relaxing sofas is an excellent way to convince them that working for your company is worth every dime. Let’s have a better look at some really creative and inspiring office furniture design ideas. Some of them will certainly dazzle you with their unique allure.

Eileen Gray Armchair

Eileen Gray Coffee Table

Eames Lounge Chair

Noveo Office Desk

Cambridge Office Desk

Vegas Evolution Modular Desk

Executive Melamine Cupboards

Hardwood System Storage

Halogen Lamp

VIP Desk Range

Scoop Chairs


First Impressions Reception Unit

Edison Reception Unit

Space Oasis

Elite Reception Desk

Chilton Office Desk

X-Range Office Desk

Sit-Stand Desk

Abak Environments Shared Desk

Dry Wipe Whiteboard

Office Desk Accessories

Incandescent Lamp

Mirra Office Chair

Elysee Office Chair

Virgo Conference Chair