7 Online Tools for Creating Animated GIFs

With every passing year, the content on Internet is becoming more of dynamic nature. With interactive websites, and multiple animated images covering most of the articles, the importance of learning ‘How to create animated images’ is no longer a secret. Though the complete art may take considerable amount of time to get mastered, there are some alternate ways to accomplish the task easily.

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Listed below are a few excellent online tools that lets you create an animated image without prior training.

Dynamic Drive

The Animated GIF Generator provided by the developers of Dynamic Drive, with its simple UX interface, is a perfect solution for all the beginners. It allows users to resize each frame of the image and also provide facility to control the speed of the animation. Though the creation of animated images is its best utility, Dynamic Drive also offers an extensive list of other tools that perform functions like text animation, image optimization, icon generation, Email encryption, gradient imaging and much more.

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It is another handy online tool for the beginners to generate animated GIFs; however, it has a wider range of optimization functions that are applicable to the GIF images. EZGIF allows users to resize/crop the picture and also offer a list of GIF effects like color filter, frame splitting, etc. The greatest advantage of EZGIF is that one may even create an animated image by trimming a video, instead of adding multiple layers.

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Img Flip

The range of functions Img Flip provides makes it an ideal website for both beginners and advanced animated image designers. Alike EZGIF it allows user to optimize the GIFs and make one out of a video, but it allows a yet better option to trim an online video for the purpose. So with Img Flip, you are not required to download the video first to your PC and then upload it again, the way it happens with most other GIF creation websites. The other advanced options it provides include Meme generation, adding text to GIFs, pixel optimization, speed and frame control, etc.

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GIF Maker 

GIF Maker is a free online tool that allows users to create animated GIFs, Video animations, slide shows and all that with background music. It is a great tool for learners who want to perfect their basic skills in the field. Moreover, the range of tools it provides makes it an ideal site for all the web designers whose requirements includes animated image creation but is not limited to that.

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GIF Creator

If you prefer step-by-step approach and intuitive development environment, then GIF creator is the best choice for you. It provides great optimization tools using which you can control and customize each frame; which may range from 2 to 200 in numbers. Moreover, it also allows you to include almost all the types of images, for layers, even the ones with BMP and PSD formats. 

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 Make a gif 

It is a stop shop for GIF content for all the web designers and editors. The unique and intuitive interface alone is sufficient to vouch for its efficient framework. It allows its user to create animated GIFs from static images, YouTube videos, uploadable videos, and even directly from the webcam. It also provides a huge library of trending GIFs to take inspiration from. The best advantage of the website is that it provides instant share option using which you may publish the funny memes and other animated GIFs on Facebook, twitter, and Google +.

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Giphy GIF Maker 

Giphy also has its own tool for the creation of GIF animated images. And just alike any other facility provided by Giphy, GIF maker also comes with a range of functional utilities. Using the tool you can make an animated GIF with multiple static images and/or videos. You may also add captions, animated stickers, and fun filters to these animated images.

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