25 Ideas for Stylish Outdoor Furniture Inspiration

The spring season is always an opportunity for homeowners to relocate their living rooms and their kitchens to their backyard. Throughout the warm season the garden becomes your second home. To enjoy it you have to adorn it with practical, modern and comfortable outdoor furniture. This year, we have a wide array of materials to choose from. Whether we’re talking about wicker and redwood or about vintage metal with glass influences, the goal is to invest in inspirational pieces of furniture.

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Outdoor Kitchens – An Oasis of Tranquility

We all want to have a barbecue every once in a while in the backyard; or maybe a family dinner or a party. For that to happen we need our outdoor space to be fully stocked with bespoke furniture items particularly crafted for the kitchen. A full-option countertop with a grill, a sink, and some drawers should be enough. However, make sure to invest in a design that blends smoothly with the rest of your decor.

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Outdoor Living Rooms – Sofa Sets for Complete Relaxation

We love sofa sets because they’re so comfortable and stylish. Usually made of wicker and adorned with soft cushions, these furniture items are excellent for any type of backyard. You don’t have to have a massive garden to fit in a sofa. It’s all about making the most with the little space you have available. If wicker doesn’t blend in or you just think your garden would handle a different type of material you could opt for stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminum or hardwood from http://www.indian-ocean.co.uk/.

Here we have shared 25 ideas for outdoor furniture inspiration to add life & flavor to your spring season:

1. Indian Ocean Bespoke Outdoor Kitchen

2. Latitude Set

3. Fold 90cm Lounge Table

4. Poseidon set

5. Lazy set

6. Riverton set

7. Cirrus set

8. Ixit 70 Corner Unit

9. Mirage Lounge Chairs

10. Scatter Cushion 35cm

11. Elliott Water Catcher

12. Cuba Black Bench

13. Latitude Lamp Table

14. Cuba Mocha Coffee Table

15. Knightsbridge Round

16. Elliott Nest of Tables

17. Lisbon Square Table

18. Cuba Mocha Cube Dining Set

19. Cuba Mocha Max Dining Set

20. Pimlico Footstool / Coffee Table

21. Oslo Carver Chair

22. Radial Lounge Chair

23. Monte Carlo Stool


24. Cuba Black Sofa Centre

25. Poseidon Double Daybed