Outstanding Designs for Outdoor Gas Fire Pit with Complete Building Guide

Few things can really change the ambiance of your home and allow you to enjoy your evening like a well-built gas fire pit can. Not only can this great addition serve as a quick barbeque place but it can also add a lot of ambient light and allow you to enjoy in the pleasant evening fire without having to deal with gathering wood or ash and smoke. The best thing about them is that they are not all that hard to build and they don’t cost a lot. Here are some things that you should know about building one if you decide to make it.

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Where to Put It

One of the most important decisions that you can make is where you are going to build your fire pit. While they are relatively safe, you should take some time and choose a place where there aren’t any things that can catch fire. Staying away from installations and places like walls or garages are a good thing to watch out for as well. Open lawns, backyards with plenty of space of places that are covered in stone or concrete are great places to build a gas fire pit.

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Which Materials to Use

Materials used in the building and creation of the fire pit as well as the space around it are extremely important. Materials like stainless steel, rock, cooper, bricks and similar can all be used to effectively create your own fire pit that will best suit your taste. Have in mind that, because of the gas installation and the sheer weight of the materials used, fire pits are not something that you will want to move every few months and should remain stationary.

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Fuels That You Can Use

Two most often used fuels for this sort of pits are the natural gas and the propane. Propane is known as a relatively cold and easily accessible camping fuel that you can get basically everywhere but it can be somewhat expensive. It is clean and smokeless which means that you won’t have to worry about burning smell and smoke in your home. Natural gas on the other hand is really cheap and is also rather clean fuel. The biggest problem with natural gas is that you will have to have a fixed installation which will bring in the fuel and this can often cost a lot and requires that you have a licensed professional that can do this sort of work for you. It also requires that you have a professional that will do constant annual checks of your installation as well to make sure that there are no leaks.

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Most Important Parts

Gas installation along with the burner is something that you should be careful with. This is best done by a professional. Connecting a gas line to a burner is a complex task and requires precision. You should always test your installation and burner before you start using your fire pit in order to avoid any potential problems and complications.

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Pit Look

There aren’t really any specific styles that you have to follow but there are some that are particularly popular today. Fire tables are often used a more elegant solution that have integrated gas installation inside them and as such can easily project fire when needed. Chimney based fire pits are simple and come with a single center body where fire is and a chimney. Cauldron pits are also very simple and can be a great choice for people who like to barbeque. Apart from these standard ones there are also numerous other Blazing Glass’ burner pits that you can create in any way you want as long as you keep the fuel input properly protected from heat and fire.

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Gas fire pits are a really fun and interesting way to brighten up your home and add a bit of unexpected look to your home. Simple fire pit can be a really interesting centerpiece in your garden or in your home and serve as a fun place to sit around and chat with your friends. The fact that they are easy to make and relatively inexpensive, means that there are no good reasons not to make one for yourself.