On-Page Ranking Factors 101: Things that Every Blog Owner Should Know

When it comes to managing your own blog, not only do you have to create and write different blog posts, communicate with guest bloggers and answer any comments or feedback, but you also have to keep track of your on-page rankings in search engines to stay-up-to-date on the progress of your blog. In order to manage a successful blog, you should improve your content, become a credible author, and create a unique website design.

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Before Writing a Blog Entry

Take the steps a marketer would before you begin a blog or blog entry as far as how best to reach your audience for maximum on-page ranking in Google’s search engine as far as:

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  • Content
  • Audience
  • Latest news

Your content should include keywords that you know your target audience will be using in the search engine that will help lead them to your blog’s website. The best content is 100% unique and informative about a topic or a new insight on a subject. Sometimes blogs that are based on crafts or food can repeat information, but you can make it your own by adding your insight to it or trying to complete the project or recipe a different way and share the results. If you do repeat or refer to previously written content, be sure to link it to the reference site and the let the author of the article and site know about it. That way you will be able to expand your network and connect with other bloggers and readers.

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Ethical Blogging by Steering Away from Spam

Some of the content that blogs and websites have provided in the past has been considered as spam by Google because their paragraphs are full of keyword links with zero valuable information to the reader. That’s where Penguin, Google’s new search algorithm, comes into play to lower the page-rank of spam sites in the hopes of helping actual informative articles and blogs improve their ranking.

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As another way to reduce online spam and improve content online in search results, Google Author Rank and Authorship, allows authors like yourself to prove to Google’s search engine that you are a credible author based on the following criteria:

  • Connections with other authors including on Google+
  • Number of circles your Google+ account belongs to
  • External and social media engagement
  • Inbound links and comments
  • PageRank of your individual articles

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Guest blogging on other blog sites, or blogging as a freelance writer for an online marketing company can help you interact with more people in different circles. The more online connections you have and the more you post, the higher your page rank can become as you create a professional image for your blog.

Choosing Design and Maintain Your Blog

Informative content and a Google+ account will help lead readers to your blog, but the design you create for your blog will give it the right personality.Try to select a color scheme to match the vibe of your blog: if it is a professional blog with business tips, try basic colors or fundamental colors. If you write about fashion consider updating your blog each season to match the latest color trends. Train yourself in coding or ask a friend to teach you how so that you are able to maintain your blog on your own unless any serious problems should arise. Then it’s time to ask for outside help.

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Website platforms such as Word Press not only help you get started in creating and designing a blog, but the site offers plugins and downloads to use from cache, checking for bugs, to building social networks.

After Posting a Blog Entry

After you post a blog entry, don’t just forget about it. Be sure to promote it by posting a Facebook status, tweet, and ask your friends or other bloggers to check it out. If they really enjoy reading it and find it informative, they could potentially share it with others or refer to it in another blog. Be sure to check back and respond to other people’s comments, both positive and negative.

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Check up on your blog’s page rank on a regular basis. Even if you have made changes to your blog as far as content, Google+ authorship, and site design and still don’t see an improvement in your page rank, don’t fret. Just keep blogging and improving your website and you should see results in your page-rank.