On-Page SEO Tips for Using Website Builders

On-page search engine optimization doesn’t necessarily have to be a backbreaking labor. It can be as simple as changing your Facebook status. All you need to know is what elements of a web page are important from an SEO standpoint and how to adjust them intelligently. This is what I’m going to discuss in this article :).

On-Page SEO: Brief Introduction

SEO is traditionally divided into two major realms: on-page and off-page SEO. While the former covers what can be done within the pages of the given website itself, the latter implies involving third-party web resources (link building for instance). Both approaches are equally important. When employed simultaneously, they give the maximum effect.

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Usually, on-page SEO deals with the following elements: content, meta tags (title + description), internal linking and human-readable URLs. Below I’m going to show how these elements can be easily adjusted in different website builders.


Content is what makes your website stand out among other similar websites. Thus, it should be unique, engaging and relevant. Your content should be easy to share and link to. Otherwise, it will have no value to search engines. If your content is accessible only after logging in or it is presented in the non-linkable and non-indexable form, it won’t be processed by the crawlers (programs sent by search engines to assess your website’s content).

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When formatting your articles, use subheadings (H1-H3 tags), bold, italics and other ways to improve readability of the post. Remember to add relevant images. Although eye-pleasing formatting won’t contribute much to the page’s SEO itself, an interesting, well-formatted article has more chances to be shared by your visitors organically. Below is a screenshot of uCoz editor where you can implement all of these suggestions hassle-free.


About uCoz:

This SaaS (software as a service) platform is extremely popular in Eastern Europe – as of today uCoz supports more than 1 million active websites. It has a very beneficial free plan allowing you to attach your own domain name at no charge.

Title Tag Tips to Get Better CTR

Title Tag

Title tags are arguably one of the most defining on-page factors for SEO. You can observe them in three key places: web browsers (this tag is supported in all popular browsers), external web resources (social media websites for instance) and SERP (search engine results page). Title tag should reflect the content of the webpage, and it should fit in 60 characters.

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In order to adjust title tag of your webpage, simply open your SEO toolbar and insert your text into specific box. Below is a screenshot of IMCreator optimization block.


About IMCreator:

This website builder is primarily targeted at independent professionals wishing to build eye-catching portfolios without having to master HTML knowledge. The platform’s cup of tea is their collection of modern templates, to my mind.

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Keywords and Description

Keywords meta tag is a quite disputable question today. Google doesn’t use it to rank your website. However, you may still enter the most relevant keywords into the required box. As for the description meta tag, it still matters! It will be displayed in the form of a preview snippet on SERP. Thus, it makes sense to write a unique and engaging description in order to improve your CTR (click-through rate). Below is Webydo’s SEO pack. There are both standard and advanced SEO options.

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About Webydo:

Webydo is a professional web design suite/website builder offering a powerful cloud hosting infrastructure. Its target audience is web designers looking to own their own, independent web agencies. Webydo offers absolutely code-free DMS (design management system) and CMS.

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You should never underestimate the importance of human-readable URLs. Firstly, because they’re easier to read (your potential visitors will be able to assess the content of the page simply by looking at the URL). Secondly, keyword-rich URLs may provide you with an additional bonus on SERP – if you insert keywords into your URLs, Google will bold them if they match the user’s search query.

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The good news is that most of the top website builders allow you to create custom URLs easily. MotoCMS site constructor for instance has an advanced SEO pack enabling you to change your pages’ web addresses painlessly. See the screenshot below:


About MotoCMS

This site builder offers a huge library of HTML and Flash templates that come with a set of widgets inside. Their most distinctive feature is flexibility – MotoCMS leaves a lot of room for customization.

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