Perfect Portrait Guided Edit in Photoshop Elements 11

Photoshop Elements 11 offers you the opportunity to manipulate portraits. You can enhance, as well as retouch yours or any other portrait that you want to work on. A variety of options that you can apply to your image includes removing red eyes, getting rid of any unwanted spots on your photo, whitening your teeth, slimming down the face, or lessening the wrinkles under your eyes. Of course, this is only one of many possibilities that Photoshop Elements 11 can offer you, and if you want to learn more about this picture editing software, you can opt for using a Photoshop Elements 11 tutorial. As for the manipulating portraits, the first thing you need to do is click on the Guided Edit mode and choose the Perfect Portrait option, so you can get all the options that allow manipulating a portrait in one place, and simply apply them, one by one.

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The Apply Smart Blur Option

The first option that you can see when you open the Perfect Portrait Guided Edit is the Apply Smart Blur option. Clicking on this option will alter the portrait in terms of softening the lines and reducing wrinkles. You can try out different settings in this option in order to make some delicate or extreme effects on your photo and check how it all looks in the preview window.

The Reveal Original Option

After using the Apply Smart Blur Option, your portrait will look a bit artificial, so you can apply the Reveal Original option that comes next, in order to give your photo a more natural look.

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The Blur Brush Option

This option allows you to soften the lines and reduce wrinkles on the portrait by choosing the thickness of the brush and brushing where it’s needed.

The Increase Contrast Option

The fourth option allows you to make your portrait look better by increasing the contrast in the photo.

Enhance Facial Features

In this feature you have a possibility to use a wide range of options to enhance the look of your portrait. The Spot Healing Tool allows you to fix some minor face imperfections, like remove unwanted spots or make some areas on the portrait look smoother. You can remove red eyes in your photo by choosing the Red Eye Removal option, or click on the Brighten Eyes option to give the eyes a more appealing appearance. Also, you can use the Darken Eyebrows or the Whiten Teeth option to fill in any missing eyebrows or make your teeth look whiter.

The Add Glow Option

When you click on this option, a wide range of possibilities is presented to you. You can apply various effects to your photo, setting the different textures, brush strokes, and styles.

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The Slim Down Option

The final option in the Perfect Portrait Guided Edit is the Slim Down option. This option allows you to make the face on your photo slimmer. Just click as many times as you want, until you get the desirable appearance. What’s more, you can use this option not only on portraits, but also to make a person’s body appear more slender.

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