Photo Collage Making Apps to Design Incredible Gift Of Memories

It is said that the thing that makes photographs special is that even when the people captured in the photo change, the photo stays intact and keeps reminding you of the beautiful moments. The true value of a moment is realized only when it becomes a memory. This is why photos make for really special gifts. Next time you are stuck thinking of a gift for someone, think of a photo collage. It has everything a gift should have. It shows effort, makes one nostalgic, the giver and the receiver can relive memories together and it is a gift that can be treasured forever. Thanks to technology at our fingertips, you don’t have to be a tech genius to make amazing collages. These 5 apps can create some really incredible collages for you.

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photo collage making apps

Photo Grid

This app is one of the best ones to create photo collages. It streamlines the entire process and automatically generates the grid based on the number of photos you select. Another standout feature is that it randomly reorders the collage if you shake your phone. You can also choose the grid shape, background and borders. The downside is that it doesn’t let you customize the border thickness and you can’t decide the level of curvature of rounded panels. However, despite these two, the nifty and simple interface and predisposed designs makes it one of the easiest to use collage apps.

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Pic Frame

To grab your interest, let me start by telling you that this app allows you to add videos along with photos in your collage. There is a huge variety of frame choices available and you can customize them in the ratio you prefer. Apart from this, the app allows you to adjust frame borders just by the drag of a finger, a feature most other apps don’t provide or provide at an extra cost. The app also allows you to adjust the colors, backgrounds and borders of the frame. Sharing the collage is simple and it provides a one click share for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

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KD Collage

What differentiates KD Collage from the plethora of photo collage apps available in the Google Play Market is that it allows you to add a custom photo from your photo gallery as a background to the collage. Apart from this, it allows you the option of adding up to 20 photos to the collage and allows a 90 degree spin of collages. Another reason to download this app is that it is one of the handful apps that allow the flexibility of saving the collage in HD format. On finishing up, the collages can be directly saved on the phone memory making it easier for you to share or use it as wallpaper.

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Pic Collage

If you are tired of the regular apps that create a collage in the same style, this is the app for you. Pic Collage has an incredible feature using which you can select photographs, arrange them and clip them like done with a pair of scissors and you have a collage ready with a postcard type feel to it. Along with this standout feature, the app also allows you to enlarge and reduce photos, include and edit text and add stickers. All this comes accompanied with an easy to use interface. Like the other apps, this one too comes with amazing social media compatibility making it easy for you to share your collage.

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What makes collage special is that it takes you back in time and is a very innovative way of keeping memories alive. The perfect aide-memoir is the virtual memory notes that you can add to your collage.  The app has tonnes of frames, collage templates, texts and social media sharing options. The inbuilt background provides rich options to pick from and the options range from hearts, smileys to gradients.

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Be it for your friend, family or that someone special. The photos could be of an occasion or just random clicks. Regardless of what you are making this collage for, make it with love and the beautiful collages made with the help of these apps will surely get your feelings across. In the best way possible!