20 Strikingly Consummate Photo Manipulation Tutorials for Photoshop

Gloss, creativity, patterns and the overall vibe – everything leaps. When you are using Photoshop manipulation to add effects to an image, there is little you can’t do!

No matter how many Photo editing tools and software assail the market, Photoshop continues to remain the de facto best best photo editing software. But Photoshop manipulation takes things to a whole new avenue where you can play around with an image and go absolute bonkers with your creative instincts. We have also a cool collection of 17 premium photo editing tools for you to let you enhance your photo editing capabilities.

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But all said and done, Photoshop manipulation isn’t an exercise that everyone is a master at. It is a sequence of techniques that you need to have an expertise over if editing photos in a manner that leads to the most stunning and overwhelmingly perfect results. For the same, Internet is filled with some exceptionally simple and elaborative Photoshop manipulation tutorials that give you a great insight into what this exercise is all about and how it can help you edit images and transform them into something radically different from the original. The tutorials serve to be the step by step guides on a diversified range of effects and alternations you can introduce into a picture and the authors make sure they always inculcate the latest trends into their tutorials for you to not lag behind.

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So, here we are going to introduce you to 20 Photo manipulation tutorials that are sophisticated and simple in equal measure:

Surreal Watercolor Styled Portrait Tutorial

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This tutorial combines adding Vintage-ism to some dreamlike watercolor portrait in a way that blends minimum colors in a pattern that is complex, but worth the efforts put into it. Go through all the steps mentioned here in a non-rushed manner and you will have something exceptional in your kitty.

Create an Illustrated Watercolor and Ink Photo Effect in Photoshop

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Watercolor effects will always remain in strong contention, and so will the tutorials that train you to bring them to reality. Go through this tutorial comprehensively and you will have something seriously good to boast about.

Paint With Fire

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The fire effect has always been much sought-after, not just by the designers, but also by the general audience. So, if you have been vying for something similar, you have got your sources to understand how to bring this effect. While the whole exercise takes hours, but the final result is worth all the time and efforts invested.

Color Drips Photoshop Tutorial

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Color Drips will never cease to intrigue the web art lovers, and this tutorial is meant for people who still haven’t been able to get this art right.

The Creation of “Thinker” Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

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One glance at the final image and you can’t NOT learn how to bring about this particular effect. Learn the procedure bit by bit – no mater if it takes a month for you to master.

“Parting of the Sea” Photo Manipulation

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The name says it all, and if you still haven’t got the hint, the picture is more than revealing. The Parting of sea is meant to overwhelm you with its extravagance, innovation and the sheer use of textures. And thus, learning how to implement this effect becomes all the more important.

Ocean Within a Bottle Manipulation

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Ocean within a bottle is an effect that has been hotly pursued from quite a while now. And once you are through with this tutorial, you can very well fit an entire oceanscape into a tiny bottle – looking all too surreal.

Turn A Photo into Beautiful Painting in Photoshop


In this tutorial you’ll learn to turn a photo into beautiful painting by using a variety of brushes & filters. You’ll see that in few steps you’ll be able to convert a photo into painting by using photoshop easily. Just have a look at this tutorial & do it yourself for your photos.

Beautiful Sunrise Scene in Photoshop with an Old House

This is another tutorial where Jenny Le used the best photo manipulation software of Photoshop to create realistic looking landscapes, using different photos and creating one. The techniques used in this tutorial are of merging/blending several images, color tuning, masking and several simple tips to create a realistic scene. The following instructions will show you how these tips are used to create this beautiful sunrise landscape.

Chilling Abstract in Photoshop Using Photos and Textures

In this tutorial by Jenny Le, you will learn how to create chilling abstracts using photos. With the help of this, you can make creepy stuff in Photoshop very easily. You will learn to use several manipulation tricks mainly to do with lighting effects, color toning and applying different textures to bring out a creepy effect. The following instructions are about creating a scary scene in which you’ll see a burning tree-woman.

Halloween Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

For the spooky event of Halloween, you can create something chilling & scary of your own imagination. For this you’ll get help from this tutorial of Halloween photo manipulation in Photoshop. In this tutorial, you will learn to create a scene filled with all the spooks & glooms of a perfect Halloween night like a witch house, glowing pumpkins, crows, bats, gravestones etc. With this you will be able to practice simple lighting effects to complex color blending and many of the photo manipulation techniques of beginners and advanced levels that you have already learned.

Romantic Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

This is the tutorial of Romantic Portrait photo manipulation in Photoshop, in which you’ll learn to combine & blend pictures and giving them glowing look with warm color effects. You will be using advanced photo manipulation techniques of quick masking, color toning and nondestructive dodging and burning, in order to create this fine romantic artwork.

Intense “Wings of Fire” Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

This is the advance level of photoshop manipulation, in which you will learn the creation of wings of fire in Photoshop. In this tutorial, you will get to make different shapes created from fire, and use them with filters, layer adjustment, masks and such advance techniques in order to create dramatic effect as done in this striking image.

Eerie Portrait Photo Manipulation with Photoshop

In this tutorial of photo manipulation you will learn to create Eerie portrait in Photoshop. Again, this is the advance level, where we’ll be covering techniques such as blending modes using different textures, lighting effects, image cutting and typography to make supernatural & fantasy portraits. In this particular tutorial, these techniques are used to create a fanciful image of a witch holding a sacred log.

Freezing Cold Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

How about creating chilled cold effects in your portraits? In this tutorial, you will learn this with photo manipulation to create freezing cold portrait in Photoshop. We will show you how to use different pictures of ice and crystal, merge them and use cold and dark color effects to create such a portrait.

Deathly Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn to create realistic looking deathly images. You will learn the techniques to combine simple pictures in 3D version, working with light & shadows, color adjustment and texture use to create deathly photo manipulation using Photoshop.

Retro Surreal Photo Manipulation using Photoshop

Want to bring out something strange & over imaginative? Well you can do that with this session of retro surreal photo manipulation tutorial. The techniques used in this tutorial are of image merging & blending, texture blending, color balancing and many others. Once you go through the tutorial of creating an image of a fish and lady half in water holding picture of an open mouth, you will be able to create such surreal pictures of your own.

“City to Country” Photo Manipulation with Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn to create ‘city to country’ photo manipulation in Photoshop. With simple techniques like image blending, lighting and color effects and few adjustments, you will be able to create a wonderful composition such as this one.

Composite a Ruins Landscape in Photoshop

With this tutorial you’ll learn to create ruin landscapes with photo manipulation in Photoshop. It includes merging and blending of different photos of ruined buildings & plundered scenes with snowy mountains, adding light effects to create magical look and slight adjustments. With this you can have a fine landscape like this one.

Dynamic Portrait with Flashy Light Effects in Photoshop

Another tutorial of photo manipulation; where you will learn to create Dynamic portrait with Photoshop. With flashy light effects you can create your own futuristic portraits. The tutorial will show you to create light streaks making swirling ribbons and other advanced, high-tech techniques that will help you in making an image as displayed below.

Portrait Artwork with Autumn Color in Photoshop

In this photo manipulation tutorial you will learn the Portrait artwork in Photoshop. With techniques like lighting adjustment, contrast, color toning and other adjustments, you will be able to create this portrait of a woman with a warm autumn background.

Wrapping Up

It is abundantly clear that Photo manipulation in photoshop is an endeavor that is worth all the fuss. Unlearn the archetypal techniques, learn Photoshop manipulation, and the next thing you know, you might as well be creating some earth-shattering designs.

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