Should You Photoshop Images on Personal Fashion Blog?

A lot of people have fun, develop a good readership, and even make money by running blogs about their own personal style and the fashion they like. People look to blogs by regular people with a similar taste to them for inspiration when it comes to what to buy, how to wear the latest fashions in different ways, and reviews of fashion brands or products.

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If you are interested in creating your own personal style blog, there are loads of great tips for new bloggers and making money online at StartABlog123 that can help you, however one thing you’ll have to make your own mind up about is the photos.

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The Photos Are Key to Your Blog’s Appeal

When you blog about fashion, particularly fashion you wear yourself and do your own photography, the photos on your site are what sell your content to your readers. Simply describing how you’d wear something doesn’t create the same effect, so you need lots of shots, and you need them to clearly show the clothes and accessories you are wearing, so using extreme filters that will change the colors of the clothing and make it hard to see details is out.

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However, you may be tempted to do a little bit of post-production work on your photos before putting them online, if you or someone who is helping you with the blog has skills with Photoshop or other photo editing suites.

Photoshop Controversy

We all know that fashion magazines and high end fashion blogs touch up images of models and celebrities with Photoshop – almost beyond recognition in some cases – and this is a topic of controversy. Some people believe using technology to get the most attractive image possible is good for business, whereas others hate that these images don’t depict how things really are.

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Arguments about unrealistic standards of beauty shouldn’t really come into play when you are running a personal style blog and being your own model, but you should decide how you feel about touching up pictures so you can be consistent. Obviously you’ll want to do some editing, to crop and size pictures and perhaps remove background items that ruin the shot, but will you edit to make yourself and your clothes look better?

Honesty or Aspiration?

The main thing to think about when deciding whether your images will be natural or slightly perfected, is whether you are going for a very honest and down to Earth feel, or something more aspirational. If you work in the fashion industry, are a model, or you make or sell your own clothing, it makes sense to make yourself and the products look as good as possible. If you want to be more relatable, perhaps blogging in a niche about making the best of yourself with a fashion blog, flaws and all, you may come over as insincere if you look too polished.

There is no real right or wrong answer when it comes to how you present your images on your personal style blog, but make a choice and stick to it, and think carefully about what each option says about your blog’s ‘voice’.