Picking the Right Color for Your Website

Undoubtedly, color is a very important source of information. Colors are able to set the right tone and pass necessary emotions to visitors, they can touch, encourage to action. It is really a very much powerful impact factor.

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Choosing a color gamma you should do it right and follow the main principles of color theory. In this article you will find the most significant aspects in choosing and main combination principles, the color’s symbolic meaning and the color’s purpose in web design in order to select the right color for your website.

Color Theory: Main Principles

It is good if you have sense of taste and you can select a color scheme without any problems. But not every person is able to do it easy. For those people, who are not sure in right color combining for the web site, it is better to learn basics of color theory.

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Some facts from history: Isaac Newton invented a color wheel. He gave proof of the color and light theory in 1666. It was this theory which formed the basics of becoming and developing modern optics. Web design is a small and component part of it. Newton spread white light into seven colors (into the spectrum) with the help of triangular glass prism.

Right Color for Your Website

Color wheel is an indispensable attribute of many artists and designers all over the world. It is a perfect proof of theory that all ingenious is simple. The wheel helps to choose colors which are in tune. It consists of six main colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and adjective ones. In order to find a right color scheme you should use any two colors which are opposite each other, any three colors which are equally spaced for making a triangle or any of four colors which make a rectangle.

Main Colors

There are three main colors: red, yellow and blue. It is impossible to get them by mixing other colors. All adjective colors are possible to get by mixing these three ones.

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Secondary Colors

There are also three secondary colors: orange, green and violet. You can get them by mixing red and yellow (orange), yellow and blue (green) and blue and red (violet).

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Tertiary Colors

In order to get one of the tertiary colors you need to mix one main color and one secondary color. The opportunities of tertiary colors are boundless.

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Adjective Colors

Adjective colors are situated just opposite to each other in the color wheel: red and green, blue and orange, violet and yellow. They are in stark contrast if you combine them. Such combinations, as a rule, are usually used for detachment of some elements at the site.

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Similar Colors

These ones are situated next to each other in the color wheel. They look good together. Using of such colors evokes a sense of comfort for the visitors of your site.

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Choosing gamma for the site you should take into account the fact that color can have different meanings in different cultures. Cultural aspect can be really great for color symbolism, so you must know what audience your site has.

There are several useful pieces of advice, which can help you to pick right color scheme for your web site. These tips are widely used by professional designers:

    1. If you want your text content be easy reading you should choose contrast colors.
    2. Optimum amount of colors. Don’t make a circus of our site.
    3. Use necessary amount of colors. Minimum amount of colors can make your site drab.
    4. If you want to attract visitors use intensive tones.

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