Power of Colour; What It Says About You, to Your Customers and to Your Competitors

Some of the biggest companies in the World have used their branding and colours to stir images in the minds of their customers and their competitors. Thinking about these huge brands will instantly bring up the colour that they have used in their marketing and advertising. The thought of Coca Cola will bring up red and white, McDonald’s is red and yellow. In fact, studies have shown that a product or company’s colour will influence around 60 to 80 percent of customers. That is pretty impressive! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular colours in terms of branding and what they say about your company to understand the power of colour in business.

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Red is Attention Grabbing

Almost 29% of the World’s top 100 brands use red in their marketing, products and advertisements due to it being able to evoke passion and grab the attention. This colour will actually increase the heart rate of customers and competitors and therefore will make people feel more energetic. This colour seems to work particularly well for food companies, technology, cars and agricultural businesses. It seems to be unpopular with clothing companies and energy or utility providers.

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power of red color

Blue is Trustworthy

Blue is actually the most popular colour when it comes to marketing and branding, with over 30% of the top 100 brands using some shade of it in their advertisements or products. The colour blue is thought to make people feel more comfortable and at ease, as it reminds them of the sky and the sea. Plenty of industries use shades of blue to show they are trustworthy and dependable, although the most popular companies using this colour tend to be health care, airlines, finance and energy providers.

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power of blue color

Black or Grey-Scale

The third most popular choice for many company’s branding is black, white or grey. These colours will make people think more about sophistication, purity and prestige. Black works extremely well for expensive products and white for those who are trying to promote a pure or clean look. This colour combination seems to be very popular in the fashion world, especially for the more upmarket brands.

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Choosing Your Company Colours

As you may already have noticed, different industries tend to opt for different colours depending on the type of emotions they wish to stir in their customers and competitors. 95% of the World’s biggest brands will only use a maximum of 2 colours for their desired effect, so as not to invoke too much emotion in any one person. When it comes to choosing the colours for your company branding it is important that you feature them in your logo, literature, website, product and so on to achieve the best possible results. If you are unsure as to which colours would be right for your business or want to go along slightly different lines to your competitors then you should seek the advice of a marketing and branding company. They can take a good look at what exactly you want to achieve and suggest the right design, colours and branding for your business.

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David Yates has worked in marketing for over a decade and has come to understand the subtle power of marketing and branding (did you know yellow and red makes you feel hungry when put together? Makes those lunch time choices all the more understandable now, yes?)  He recommends using companies that work with you such as www.openwateronline.co.uk/