Practical Designs for Walk in Robes

Walk in robes or the huge wardrobes, which you use to keep all your dressing items, clothes and shoes, and winter wear and bed linens etc can be designed with care to give your space the maximum productivity while give you the comfort of surfing through dresses, and arrange things without messing up. There are a lot of things to be considered when you design your own private walk in robe, while decorating and planning the interior of your house or apartment.

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Do you have enough space in your room to design the walk in robe? If not then you should consider another room for accommodating the wardrobe, or a separate dedicated to this altogether. Now coming to the many things which will help you sort and design the wardrobe, the first things which needs attention, is the understanding of the concept.

Walk In Robes Design idea

What Is a Walk in Robe For?

A walk in robes is a wardrobe which is big enough to give you space inside to cruise through the shelves and storage boxes, hangers and drawers at one side or either side of you.

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  • The wood or ply made wardrobe frame can have many shelves and drawer and can be huge sized, normally the height being from the floor to the ceiling, and the width being one that you wish.
  • Now when you plan the walk in robes you will have to plan it with as much space as you need to store your things while keeping in mind the need for the full length mirror and dresser which should be inside. You must have enough space to frequently change and try different clothes, and rest and sit, and keep the tried and heaped up clothes at a stool or place.

Walk In Robes Design ideass

Things You Must Plan While Designing the Walk in Robe 

  • Reserve the higher shelves for two three types of items. You may store bed linens and pillows which are not frequently changed and used. Or you may store winter wear which you just take out seasonally. Or you may store items which are very occasionally used, and stays in storage for months. Quilts and blankets can also be stored in such upper shelves.

Walk In Robes Designss

  • Do remember to keep a small stool cum ladder inside. This will help you reach the upper shelves and work there without ambiguity and toe tip balancing.
  • Drawers are costly options. Hence to reduce cost and ambiguity of pulling out and pushing in drawers, and to rule out all chances of jammed drawers you may go for all open shelves too.
  • Instead of using hardwood or timber, you may go for in grain ply, which will reduce the cost without affecting quality of your in robe.

Hangers and The Ideal Storage Drawers to Assort and Arrange Things Systematically

Hangers are the secret to best storage patterns. The better hanger style you may find the better will be the space used. There are hangers which can accommodate two sets of dresses at once or a set of shirt and trousers together. Try to get the best hangers you can for organizing.

Walk In Robes Design ideas

  • You may divide the space inside drawers to organize things a level higher. When you open the drawer and a jerk often misplaces loose and light items. Divided drawers help sort things without messing up.
  • Small shelves with shallow inners are best to store shoes, handkerchiefs, ties and cufflinks, socks etc. such small shelves let you store these small things while leaving the bigger spaces for your elegant dresses.

In this way, there can be so many ideas to excitingly develop and design your walk in robes, and you should try some to find out which suits you best.