Practical and Easy-to-Steal Decorative Touches to Your Kitchen

Today’s modern kitchen is more than just a space for eating and cooking. It is a gathering place where there’s a lot of action happening. Many homeowners live in their kitchens; they entertain guests, set up fancy dinners and gatherings, and spend Saturday mornings with the family. Bottom line, the kitchen is a home’s heart and soul. How do we make it stand out? Here are some practical ideas to help you decorate your kitchen without having to invest a fortune.

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Touches of Black & White

Black & white kitchens are in trend this year. The secret to having a soothing space is to include patterns into the décor. If you’ve decided to keep the walls white, add layers of black zigzags across the backsplash or counter. It will balance the sensation of emptiness and make your kitchen a lot warmer. Another great idea to make a kitchen seem playful with black and white is to paint the cabinets. You don’t have to paint all of them in black; a middle cabinet in a different shade than the others will instantly change the vibe of your cooking space.

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Shelf Life

If you want your kitchen to seem modern and innovative, you must keep it structured. Use your available space wisely and consider space-saving storage. If you don’t have enough space to install cabinets, just avoid them and opt for shelves. Apart from making a kitchen seem more colorful and practical, shelves highlight originality and freshness, too. Arrange linens and serving pieces properly, and keep things as organized as possible if you’re going for open-shelving.

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Open China Cabinet

Open cabinetsare back in style and homeowners must not be afraid of displaying their china. On the contrary, the more you reveal the higher chances you have of turning your kitchen into an interesting cooking space. Install open cabinets above the kitchen sink; it will be easier for you to wash plates and bowls, and then quickly organize them on the shelf. Try not to mix too many color palettes and find a way to create balance.

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Hanging Cookware Rack

If you’re an avid cook who constantly uses pots and pans, then a cookware rack is exactly what you need in the kitchen. However, it can be challenging to install because it might clutter your kitchen. Homeowners are crazy about kitchen tools within easy reach, although you can’t transform your space into a restaurant because it will look messy. Hang a pot rack above the kitchen island and make sure all your pots and pans are made of the same material – stainless steel. It’s nice to have access to them whenever you want, but it’s equally important to stay organized.

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Painted Cabinets

One of the easiest, most convenient ways of revamping a kitchen is to repaint the cabinets. This fall season it’s all about shades of brown, orange, burgundy and cherry. Traditional kitchens have mass-produced cabinets that are either light cream or beige, which is not very appealing; painted kitchens are the newest trend; they’re fun and playful, so why should you feel bored when making dinner when you can feel energized by the interesting color palettes?

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Pops of Color

White kitchens can make you feel gloomy. Spicing things up with pops of color can be an excellent way of elevating your mood. The good news is white spaces are the easiest to decorate without investing a lot of money. Start by replacing those boring gray towels with a dozen deep red kitchen cloths. Match the shade with red coasters and repaint the stools in light red, too. The end result – a red & white kitchen that’s all set for wintertime.

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Decorating a kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Use your imagination to modify the space you have available and get inspired from the web. If you’re tired of your old-fashioned cabinets, remove the doors, repaint them in a new shade and let your kitchenware shine. Get rid of all your old towels and clothes, and replace them with new ones in happier colors; last but not least, add a pot rack above the kitchen island and hang your favorite pans. Make your whole space playful by including flower pots and pay close attention to details as they can make a huge difference.