Prepare To Be Floored; Creative Floor Designs for Unique Look

Look down. What’s under your feet? Nubby, old carpet? Bubbled, stick-on laminate squares? A tastefully worn-in Oriental rug? Dirt? I don’t know what you’re sitting or standing on right now, but chances are, it’s probably not as unique as the trendsetters on this list.

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Don’t despair – while most of us are satisfied with smooth hardwood or well-laid tile, these folks took it a step further – either dabbling or knee-deep in novelty territory. Still, if you find yourself wanting to turn your bedroom into a tribute to the masquerading-as-marble salami and pancetta floor by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye? We understand.

 (Yep. That’s meat.)

If nothing else, these crazy floors are perfect for one thing: inspiration!

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So much Abe Lincoln action! Even though the penny floor of New York’s Standard Hotel (actually located in the hotel’s restaurant) includes zero metal, somehow it’s still a tourist magnet.

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Bully for the creator of this awesome 3D-printed alligator rug – I can’t seem to find a source for this image. No matter, it’s still like a cartoon-y drug trip of some kind. Scare your guests!

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Strapped for good ideas (yuck, yuck)? You belt-er believe this leather hodge-podge of a floor took a looooong time to construct. A true original.

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Slightly sinister, no?But totally campy at the same time. This ‘pool of blood’ stairway rug by Bosch and Fjord would create quite a stir. If this picture were real, that is, which I upon examination…I’m thinking not.

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Holy cow, that’s my kind of wood flooring! So rustic, so log-cabin-sequestered-in-the-woods. It doesn’t even appear to be coated with shellac or something to fill the gaps. Barefoot advisory?

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For those instances when simply telling people you’re into music won’t cut it.


Forget the walls – evidently the floor is the new place to let your personality shine through in your home. The web seems to be loaded with pictures of creative folks blazing trails in home flooring. What’s your inspiration?

Jonathon Ensor is a freelance design blogger for Empire Today.Were it considered under the 10-second rule, he would probably eat that floor made out of salami.