Quick Design Tips for Office Refurbishment 2015

When you are planning an office space refurbishment, you may be referring to a variety of areas within an office design. These spaces can include:

  • Meeting spaces and how they are integrated into the office environment;
  • The reception and waiting area;
  • Office support areas, including work rooms, file rooms, storage areas, mail rooms and copier areas;
  • Coat storage and its integration into the office; and
  • Communication and equipment rooms.

Suggested Upgrades for Office Refurbishment 2015

The above traditional office spaces can be elevated in looks when following a contemporary office scheme and plan. Updates may include the following:

  • Meeting areas or conference rooms that feature daylight lighting systems, recessed lights and acoustical treatments. Moveable partitions, A/V systems and millwork may be added too.
  • Secured storage areas that utilize vaults that are wirelessly monitored and locked.
  • Enclosed spaces that feature acoustical insulation.

Accessories and Supports

You also want to focus on the following accessories and supports when an update is made:

  • Specialised window treatments that include such popular coverings as plantation shutters, motorized draperies, and blackout shades.
  • Glass block partitions and glazed doors that can be used to accent an access or exit area or increase privacy.
  • Air treatment systems that are hypoallergenic which filter out pathogens.

Standardized Upgrades

An upgrade in standard items, such as vaulted or plastered ceilings and ceiling tiles, can immeasurably improve the looks of an office space too. Talk with a space planner and review sites, such as Saracen Interiors, to obtain refurbishment ideas.

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Open and Closed Spaces

Office space planning can be laid out to cover one of a variety of scenarios, including:

  • 100% closed
  • 80% closed and 20% open
  • 20% closed and 80%open
  • 100% open

Enhancing Work Environment

When you consider that 50% of workers spend their workdays in office buildings or spaces, it is not surprising that office space planning is a popular resource for employers. Any office space that is refurbished can be improved in terms of environmental flexibility and technological enhancement.

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Safe and Energy Efficient

Refurbishment extends to safety, energy efficiency and the enhancement of aesthetics as well. Therefore, environmental consideration must be made for sustainability, fresh-air ventilation, and the inclusion of low-polluting, non-toxic building materials.

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A Flexible Office Space Design

A refurbishment that enhances a flexible office space design ensures adaptability and durability. For example, a raised floor system allows for the distribution of critical services, such as voice, data, HVAC and electricity. Mobile work stations also cut down on desk space and reduce the need for bulkier equipment and storage over time.

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A Healthier Atmosphere

The health, safety and comfort of an employee add to employee motivation and morale. Therefore, when an environmental refurbishment is made, it is done to increase fresh-air ventilation in-house and make use of sustainable, low-polluting and non-toxic materials.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is of vital importance too. As the cost for energy rises, refurbishments must be made to lower the costs associated with facilities management. High-efficiency lighting, the utilization of sensor technology and the installation of highly efficient HVAC equipment should be made.