Quirky Ideas for a DIY Greenhouse

Though there’s nothing wrong with having a brand new greenhouse in your yard, the truth is that they can be a little expensive if you aren’t a fully dedicated grower. Thankfully however, there are a few DIY solutions for the casual grower.

In collaboration with Hartley Botanic Greenhouses, here are a few guerrilla approaches to growing your own plants and vegetables on a budget.

Windowsill Greenhouses

Best used for those living in city apartments that don’t tend to get a lot of outdoor space, you can make use of your windowsills to grow a whole host of plants and vegetables in micro greenhouses to add value to outdoor space.

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In fact there are many plants that you can easily grow casually on the side, right in your very own home.

Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Baby tomatoes
  • Lemons
  • Microgreens
  • Peppers
  • Basil

Porch Greenhouses

For those that do happen to have a little land, and want to start growing their own vegetables, then a porch greenhouse offers the perfect place to start. It will definitely add beauty and elegance to your overall patio design.

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As buying a full scale greenhouse is a huge step for prospective growers, a porch greenhouse gives the opportunity for people to test the water and work out whether growing vegetables really is for them.

What’s more is that a quality porch greenhouse can be picked up for around $100. If this happens to inspire a deeper passion, it can of course be sold on once that a full scale greenhouse has been purchased.

Bottle Greenhouses

If you enjoy a drink or two, or happen to have a few hundred bottles lying around, you could actually create a greenhouse that is made purely from wood and plastic bottles, just like a university student did in England.

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By building a bottle type greenhouse, not only will you be able to grow your own fruit and veg but you will also be doing so at little expense to the environment.

As well as recycling the plastic used in the structure, you’ll also be making great use of rainwater to water the plants, as the bottles will provide just enough space for the liquid to seep through.

Here is a great guide for building your own.

$50 Greenhouses

Though many greenhouses cost thousands of dollars, you can for just $50, create your own from used materials. If you want to buy everything brand new however, this may cost a tad more, at around $200.

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By using PVC plumbing pipe, non-UV clear plastic sheeting and planks of wood, you can successfully build your own poly-tunnel greenhouse without having to delve too far into your pockets, which is great.

For a useful guide on how to build your own, click here.