How to Recover Office Documents from Windows 10

Summary: The blog briefs you about the different ways by which you can easily recover lost MS Office Documents from Windows. Further, it talks about one of the best software—Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home. This software ensures to recover your Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other Office Documents with ease. 

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Nowadays, we all use MS Office program at both personal and professional levels.  The reason being, its simple interface, easy understandability, and seamless functioning. Whether we talk about Office Excel, Word, or PowerPoint program, all are an essential part of our day-to-day life.  All these programs not only help in executing our tasks efficiently. This potential application has the capability of holding a large amount of data along with customized options.

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Improved Features Does Not Imply Resistance to Corrupt or Damaged Office Documents

Despite being so integral and feature-rich, Office Documents are still prone to getting corrupt or damaged.  There can be scenarios where you might fail to save the entire document, the changes you made, or you accidentally deleted the wrong Office document.  Further, situations such as virus attack, Windows crash, power cut, etc. makes Excel, PowerPoint, or Word Document inaccessible.

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Data Loss Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime

Losing data either intentionally or absentmindedly is considered as a heart-sinking situation. During this alarming situation, you may assume the hours of hard work to be lost forever, however, it is not so unless it is overwritten. Hence, in case you have lost a crucial Office Document and are looking for a solution to restore it, then you are at a right place. The following methods will help to recover your lost Office Documents effortlessly:

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  • Use In-built Document Recovery Feature

This is the most common and simplest method to reinstate your lost or deleted Office Documents. Therefore, in cases when your software closes unexpectedly, you can use this in-built recovery feature and recover your lost document.  For this, simply fire up the Office Document instantly. The moment you fire up, you will see the document recovery pane on the left side; click the files and save it.

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  • Check Temporary Files

In general, sometimes all deleted or corrupt documents leave a temporary version. This temporary version may not include all the content but will include some surely. Usually, these files are hidden, but the user can easily uncover it. For this under search option, simply type File Explorer Options and open the control panel results. Click the view tab option and find all Hidden Files as well as folders that are radio toggle under the Advanced Settingsoption. Change this toggle from Don’t Show to Show. Now, come to the folders where your deleted or corrupt files were initially saved and search for your files. These temporary files initiate with tilde and end with a .tmp extension.  Once you have found your file, rename it and replace its extension with .docx or .doc.

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  • Explore the Recycle Bin

Recycle bin acts like a real life-saver. The recycle bin contains all the recent deleted files.  It includes both temporary files and manually deleted files. Simply search for the file and restore it using the Restore function.

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  • Use a Third-Party Document Recovery Software

In cases where none of the above methods can deliver the desired result, the third-party document recovery software would serve as a rescuer. It ensures to recover your lost or deleted Office document efficiently. 

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Say No to Blind Selection

There are extensive third-party recovery programs, which promises to recover deleted, lost, or inaccessible files. However, a user needs to be careful before its selection, installation,or usage. A blind selection will not only hamper its recovery process but can also cause further damage.  Here, we have figured out one of the best Recovery software based on a number of analysis done by Recovery experts, who have years of knowledge in this particular domain.  According to them, the best, secure, and reliable office document recovery software is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home.

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Let us learn about this software in little detail.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Introduction

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home reinstates your lost or accidentally deleted data. This data recovery utility ensures secure, easy, and quick recovery from hard disks as well as removable media.  You can use this impressive software in all data loss scenarios, be ita virus attack, sabotage, system malfunction, OS failure, corruption, formatting, and much more.

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Backed by powerful scan engine, this ultimate recovery tool does a thorough scan of the selected drive to locate all the lost documents.  With its ‘Select what to Recover’ option, you do not need to scan everything; you can simply choose the desired option and recover it within a short span of time. Further, with its Resume Recovery Module, you can even save the scanned result and resume it later on to recover the desired documents.

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Key traits of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home

  • New and Improved Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Supports 200 or more File types
  • Backed by an efficient and fast scan engine
  • Offers detailed scanning status report
  • Supports scanned results categorization
  • Supports simultaneous scanning of multiple files
  • Supports NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFat file system
  • Allows searching of specific folders as well as specific file types
  • Supports multiple DPIs, improved Unicode, and enhanced Preview
  • Includes turn on/off preview, file preview prior to Recovery, and Resume Recovery option

How Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Works?

Follow the steps below:

* Download, install, register and launch the software.

* On the first screen—Select What to Recover, choose the Documents from the three main recovery options— ‘Everything’, ‘Documents, Folders and Emails’ or ‘Multimedia Files’.

* Click

* In the Select Location screen, choose the location from the available options. You can even scan a specific folder, by selecting the folder.

* Click Scan. A new screen will be displayed briefing you about the scan status. It includes details such as the time required, the time consumed, and the time left to complete. You can pause it at any point. It also includes turn on/off preview option that boosts the scanning speed.

* On successful completion of the scanning process, a dialog box will prompt briefing you about the found files and folders. Click the back icon to save the scan result.

* A new screen— Preview Window will prompt. Here select the files or folders you want to recover and view its preview.

* Once you are done with the preview option, checkmark the files that you want to recover and Click on Save.

* A new dialog box asking you about the destination will prompt. Here specify the destination where you want to save the desired files or folders.

* Click Start Saving.

The Way Forward

MS Office Documents are most extensively used applications across the globe, both by home users and professional users. It continues to beat other Office documents because of its ease of use as well as understanding. When you encounter data loss crisis in them, you need to exercise some steps to recover your lost data. However, simple recovery methods work better in several scenarios, but in all situations and especially in the critical situation, the best and effortless solution is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home. This ideal software promises safe, secure, and efficient recovery of all the lost or deleted data from Windows systems.

Aruna is a Windows 10 data recovery expert and geeks with over 3 years of experience. Share my knowledge and expertise over different media channels from time to time or as soon as find a new one.