How to Recover Precious Data for Free?

Computers have become an essential part of our everyday life and we use them for all kinds of things – work, entertainment, storing memories and other important data that you don’t want to lose. However, although computers are an incredibly durable and reliable piece of technology, there’s always a chance that something bad will happen and that your data will be inevitably lost. There are many things that may cause data loss – accidental deletion, operating system crashes, hardware malfunction, malware attacks, etc. However, if you lose some of your files in such an accident, you must not be discouraged because there’s always a chance to recover lost files with the use of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, an efficient data recovery software that is entirely free to use.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free features a long list of features that can h help users recover files that have been removed from their hard drive one way or another. Naturally, the primary purpose of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, but the utility can also be used to recover entire partitions, files lost after HDD format, data lost because of viruses or because of unexpected software/hardware issues. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can save you a lot of time and troubles because of its ability to quickly and efficiently scan for recoverable data.

How Does EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Work?

This application can recover data not just from computers but also from server devices, laptops, removable storage and other digital devices such as smartphones and portable media players. The tool works by fully scanning the storage device and compiling a list of files that can be recovered. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free also provides the user with information about the file’s condition and whether it can be fully or partially recovered. Naturally, the tool’s scanner can also filter results, so users can use it to search for particular file types or file names, therefore increasing their chances of quickly identifying and recovering the files that are important to them. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free’s scanner also allows users to filter the results by date, type and file size since this can also help them find the important data sooner.

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The best thing about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is that it is 100% safe, and there’s no risk of overwriting your current files or damaging your hard disk in any way! The utility is entirely software-based, so there’s absolutely no chance that the storage device will be damaged during the recovery process. The scanner is quite swift, but keep in mind that if your search criteria are too broad or if you are working with a large storage device (1TB and above), then it EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free may need more time to go through all files.

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The free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard doesn’t feature any limitations when it comes to recovering data, so you can restore your files even if you don’t pay for the full version of the software! The paid subscriptions of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard include full technical support, lifetime upgrades, and other perks that more advanced PC users may find useful. However, the free version should be more than enough if you are looking for a swift and convenient way to recover your files with just a few clicks.