Three Reasons Redesigning Your Website Can Boost Revenue

If you have an online business or an offline business that generates sales from your website, then you need to consider having your website redesigned. This is especially important if you have had the same website for several years. The following are a few things to understand.

Your website may not display correctly

This can happen over time, and you may not be aware of it. There are more browsers in use today, and there are also more devices accessing the Internet than ever before. Anyone attempting to load your website using a device that your web page is not compatible with will simply go elsewhere, and it will likely be your competitor’s site. Your site must display on all of the various tablet screens as well as all of the smartphones in use today. In the past, when everyone used a desktop or a laptop, this was seldom an issue, but it is critical in the world of Internet mobility.

Your website may be slow

The load and navigation speed of your website may have slowed down over time. This in another thing that can creep up on you, so you may not be aware of it. Sometimes it is the entire site, while at other times it may be navigating from one page to another. There are many reasons for this. It may be the way the site was coded, bad graphics or any number of other possible culprits. A professional website designer can either fix the issue, or simply create better coding. Sometimes file sizes can be an issue, and many files can be compressed, especially graphic files, without losing much resolution.

Your website may not be SEO friendly

Even if your site was optimized for search engines in the past, the algorithms for search engines change over time. A website designer can go over your entire site and look for problems that may be red flags for a search engines and remove them. Broken or bad links are but a couple of examples. Creating an updated method for uploading new content to your site is critical for SEO. This may include a good blog that complements your site, or simply a place to upload articles about your company’s product or service.

If your sales have been slow or declining over time, some of it may have to do with your website. The reasons listed above are only a few things that should motivate you to contact a website development company. Standard Beagle Web Development is one example of a company that can redesign your website, so it is up to date and compatible with the latest Internet user habits and technologies.