Role of Remote DBA Experts in Modern Database Management

Before we get into discussing the role of remote DBA Experts, let us know what remote DBA services are. Remote DBA services are considered the most effective as well as the most affordable solution of the database management challenges of today. Backed by a team of DBA experts who constantly monitor, maintain, and protect all the critical data pertaining to a business, DBA services provide business houses – small, medium, or large scale, enough room of carrying out the critical business operations without any concern of their critical database being tampered with or lost. It is here where the need of remote DBA experts comes into play.

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These remote DBA experts provide a shared skill pool for the business. They can also offer a remote DBA support that is cheaper than the service provided by the full-time DBA experts. Remote DBA experts hired by companies are thus, saving a considerable amount of cost every year, through replacement of expensive full-time DBAs with remote DBA services. These service providers hire a number of highly trained and certified DBAs and appoint them in various response centers, where they can constantly monitor databases of the clients. There are currently over hundreds of companies that offer remote DBA services. To know about these remote DBA experts – and other such sites are available on the net.

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Why Remote DBA Experts?

The Remote DBA experts provide every business, the much required assurance and the database is supported and taken care of by a team of highly competent and specialized professionals who are comprehensively familiar with the database and its way of working.

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Low Cost – With Remote DBA experts in action, the businesses can have the leverage of purchasing exclusively those Remote DBA services that are needed for running the operations, and only at those levels that are required for the service. Full-time Oracle Remote DBA experts generally cost around $80,000 annually and ask for another $5,000 (more or less) for training on an annual basis, to be in tune with the current technology. Hence, with just this expense, these professionals provide full time safety and security to the critical data of businesses.

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The area of operation carried out by the Remote DBA experts include:

Customer Application Development

Thanks to the team of Remote DBA experts, the companies that provide the service deliver the right variety of IT application to cater to the needs for their clients with the right combination of domain and technology. The services these experts provide include understanding of the business and the plan thereof, planning, deployment, and designing various technology solutions. The process primarily involves probing and finding the suitable IT requirements of any business through a comprehensive study of the business processes and planning alternative IT strategies that can have a significant impact on the business in question.

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These professionals, besides monitoring and responding to alerts, are tuned specifically for custom databases and are competent enough to take care of projects, and provide the suitable architecture along with valuable advice on designing. They also contribute in a lot of other ways.

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  • They make sure that their clients do not have sleepless nights out of concerns pertaining to database management as they know that their critical data is being monitored round the clock.
  • These professionals also help business extract more out of their database and help them to make the most out of the infrastructure investment without incurring much of expense.
  • They help companies to prevent attrition by improving the employee retention infrastructure and provide a top-cover for the existing DBA as well as all the technical staff and developers.
  • They also help monitoring the system performance, thus assisting in improvement by reducing the critical incidents.

Associated Benefits

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, hiring Remote DBA experts also have the following advantages:

  • These professionals provide services for SQL Servers, Oracle, Oracle based E-business suites, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB and the likes.
  • They provide an extra layering that is dedicated to the DBAs, over the CSA services and thus, help the larger business to reduce the costs through a process of standardization and optimization of routine administrative tasks
  • They help businesses to have a reliable and relentless data operation
  • They also help businesses to handle a robust database, with some enhanced data performance and related expertise
  • They also take active part in database and Oracle upgrades, database pitching and illustration, data analytics and auditing, a thorough analysis and evaluation of performance and last but not the least, optimization of database.

Higher Accessibility of Oracle

Most importantly, with a credible and comprehensive remote DBA support, the IT managers of modern businesses can be rest assured that their database is being taken care of and supported by a bunch of competent professionals who are thoroughly familiar with the Oracle database platform. When a full-time DBA professional is appointed that may result in a high attrition rate, which may become a major problem for the business house. That is the reason, companies today are more relying on remote DBA professionals who will take care of the database and carry out the responsibilities for a fairly long period of time

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Another major advantage of hiring remote DBA experts is that these professionals have the competence of constantly monitoring all areas of a database. The remote monitoring software they use falls into the following areas:

  • Tuning Reports: These reports mainly identify the I/O issues at the object level and by default performance of the caching operations. Besides, they also alert the remote DBA professionals regarding performance related issues that are potentially threatening for the business, like missing indexes.
  • Trend Reports: These reports mainly are used for establishing the baseline signature for a particular database and are created for all the major areas of Oracle database that include I/O, CPU consumption, memory usage and the internal metric of the database.

Thus, by hiring these remote DBA experts, businesses can have multifarious advantage that only improve their performance in the short run and revenue earning in the long run.

Patrick Gibson is the owner of one of the most eminent remote DBA firms in the world. To find out more details about remote DBA experts – is the best site to surf.