Samsung Galaxy S4; Everything You Want to Ask About!

Today everyone wants to know about the most awaited sensation form Samsung galaxy club i-e Samsung galaxy S4. So we decided to reveal interesting details about GS4 in simple Q&A format so you can know everything about S4 you want to ask about. Let’s start with the main features of GS4.

What Is New in Galaxy S4?

The Samsung’s new device is about to hit the smartphone market with the latest and complete list of best compatible features any smartphone user could imagine. Here is a listing of very basic specifications of the upcoming device:

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samsung galaxy s4
*IR blaster
*13-megapixel camera along with 1080p HD video and a 2-megapixel front cam
*SwiftKey-powered keyboard
*Very powerful processor
* 2,600mAh battery
*2GB of RAM
*64GB internal storage and additional 64GB available through micro SD card.
*Wi-Fi and support for 4G LTE networks.
Although the exact details are still to be unveiled but these specs are something missing in the iPhone 5.
There is a number of new software that new GS4 features. It includes TV control app, an enhanced S voice, S health, Group play, S translator, S voice, Video calling, Samsung’s chat on messenger app, Screen sharing and oodles of editing tools and apps.

What is Special in S4 Design?

Samsung is consistent with its fundamental spec of having plastic body even in its GS4 to make it affordable for the masses. Samsung says plastic body is durable but we have to see if it could be a good-deal to go with or not. The new display has bright, rich and crisp colors, an improved look as compared to GS3 and the touch interface that can be used even when wearing gloves.

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What about S4 Processor; 4-Core or 8-Core Processor?

Just like its older version GS3, GS4 will also be launched in two diverse versions. One of them would have 1.9 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series processor and the advanced version will have a 1.6GHz eight-core chipset, which is also called Samsung’s Exynos 5 octave-silicon. However it does not give any info about which version would be released in which market.

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Which Android OS is in S4?

Samsung will employ latest version of the Android available at the time of its launch. For now the most recent available model is Jelly Bean 4.2.2 but it cannot be ignored that Google I/O is discarded in just two months so it would wait for Google’s next version of Android. It was the similar case in the previous launch of S3 when it reached the market right before the Jelly Bean arrived. The GS4 has also employed Samsung’s TouchWiz Overlay.

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What Role does Eye-Tracking Play?

GS4 has come up with an upgraded version of the eye-tracking system found in GS3. On S3 one could stop the screen from dimming when you were looking on it. GS4 on the other hand gives a bit more, for instance while reading on a website the page scrolling will take place according to the tilting performed up or down. Additionally, it also halts a video when your eyes are not on it and resumes it back when you look at the screen. It also has many other responses to different gestures not detailed here.

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Which U.S Carriers will have GS4?

As per recent reports T- mobiles, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, U.S cellular, Sprint and Cricket wireless have claimed to sell the new GS4. Additionally Ting which is an MVNO using Sprint’s network has claimed that it would sell the smartphone.

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Where Would GS4 be Available in Other States?

According to the various reports of CNET Australia, Vodafone is offering GS4 by asking its customers to sign up for GS4 updates. On the other side Telstra states that GS4 is coming soon and Optus has also announced the confirmation to keep the device. In UK and Europe the GS4 is expected to be available with EE, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, O2, Three, T-Mobile, H3G, Telefonica, Virgin Media, Teliasonera and Vodafone. So far, no carrier has been announced for Asia and Singapore but it is trying to make it accessible to maximum carriers it can.

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When would GS4 be Available to Buy?

As per reports Samsung has announced the arrival of the new device in the second quarter of this year that makes 1st April to 30th June 2013. Some of the U.K operators have claimed the exact availability date which is April 26; however operators from other areas including those of U.S do not have any specific expected dates. According to an idea U.S customers can expect it in late March or in 1st week of May as GS3 was launched at the same time last year. As evidenced by the facts Samsung should act smart enough to launch its device as soon as possible and not sway the launch by carriers as customers are exhausting by the fake claims about its availability in a few weeks or next quarter as carriers claim. In addition it is more vulnerable that longer the Samsung waits, its device is more prone to be eclipsed by the next phones released.

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GS4 Price?

The exact price is not known yet but according to a reported contract it would not be below $199. As per my idea GS4’s cost would lie between $250 and $300 as it is the normal range of flagship phone’s costs.

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Would GS4 Support Wireless Charging?

Now this is quite difficult to answer as Samsung has not said clearly about it. According to reports GS4 would support the wireless charging but it would be an option for those who can afford it by spending an extra $100 as it would consist of an outer cover and a wireless charger costing $40 and $60 respectively. The charger may be available by April and back cover by June in stores.


When Should You Go to Buy GS4?

The answer depends on which smartphone you are already using if it is GS3 then I don’t recommend you to upgrade it so early even if you can get it at subsidized cost from your carrier. I’ll rather recommend you to wait and watch it hitting the market and check the response to its progress. In contrast to this if your phone is older than a year or two then you should give it a keen consideration but even then you can opt to wait to see the responses and other options. Alternatively you may wait and make sure something better would not come but it is a matter of chance some better option might come or might not. However, if you want something right at the right price you must chose to buy it.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 VS S4; What is the Difference?

The new version has loads of differences from that of S3; some of the major specs are listed here:
S4 is more slim and bigger in size than S3; it has upgraded specs and more dedicated software. Apparently it resembles with S3 but it has bigger display with less curves and higher resolution. The camera is boosted from 8-megapixel to 13-megapixel and a faster processor with higher battery timing.

GS4 VS HTC One; What is the Difference?

The latest smartphone by HTC launched this February presents competitive specs with a fabulous metal design and feel more attractive, however HTC did not offer much software attractions but it has all the features desired by any smartphone user at a premium price. As per my idea One X should be sold before Samsung GS4 hit the market but presently it has hardly arrived at fewer carriers, like Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T in the U.S. This factor can help HTC in its war with Samsung however HTC somehow manage to keep its edge like One X outperformed the GS3 in some ways. In this uncertain and ever-changing world HTC and Samsung can lead their wars on the basis of their advertising, distribution and marketing strategies.

GS4 VS iPhone; What is the Difference?

Again a difficult question to answer as the GS4 is not tested by me yet however as per my anticipation GS4 would replace the GS3 as the biggest competitor of iPhone. The distinguishing point is that Samsung is striving as hard as it can to produce a phone which is as different from the iPhone. So the upcoming Samsung GS4 is the most dominant Galaxy ever as it is well equipped with every kind of software and functionality any smartphone user can imagine. Moreover it is keeping a check brilliantly on every latest and hot smartphone trend one could long for. The Samsung has never hesitated to reveal any specs in anticipation unlike iPhone so GS4 being consistent with Samsung’s policies is better called as an anti-iPhone.