30+ Scratch Programming Tools

Scratch is an innovative and creative programming language that can be used to create unique interactive games, stories & animations. It has been available for the past couple of years, but it isn’t so popular yet. Despite this fact, its community is growing with each passing day, and you can find hundreds of interesting & intriguing stories, games and animations that have been created using Scratch.

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Scratch is an entry-level language, and it is designed for people between the ages of 8 and 16. It aims to develop skills such as creativity, reasoning and collaboration – skills that every child will need throughout its life. Using the Scratch platform is completely free, and thanks to the high number of tutorials available, it is incredibly easy to make your first steps into the world of coding with Scratch. In this post we’ve prepared a list of the most important programming tools for web designers and developers. So now you have 2 options, either go to expert web design services offered at boostoneweb.com or try the following great collection of scratch programming tools to create your own web.

1. Backdrops

In scratch, backdrops are basically the backgrounds and frames that can be used on the Stage. You can find this tool in the backdrops library, where you can create, modify and remove backdrops. The library can’t be empty, because you need at least one backdrop for your stage.

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2. Blocks

Blocks are essentially small pieces of code that are combined to form something a bigger. They are like a jigsaw puzzles which comes together to form a script. There are several types of blocks that can be used to send/receive events, commands, values, boolean, etc.

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3. Broadcast

The broadcast is a message that can activate receiving scripts. It is an essential part of every interactive game of animation created with Scratch.

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4. Costume

Costumes are the alternative appearance of sprites. Every sprite can be assigned several costumes which can be created, edited and deleted. Every sprite must have at least one costume assigned to it.

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5. Draggable Sprite Feature

Dragging sprites used to require the use of complicated scripts. However, thanks to the draggable sprite feature present in Scratch, you can now create draggable sprites without using external scripts.

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6. Green Flag

The Green Flag is an important programming feature that is used in almost all Scratch programs. When a Green Flag is activated, it instantly runs all scripts connected with a When Green Flag Clicked Events/Hat block.

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7. JoyTail

JoyTail is a useful tool that adds joystick support to your Scratch programs. It simply enables the remote sensor connections and makes it possible to control Scratch animations, programs and games with a joystick.

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8. LEGO WeDo Construction Set

The LEGO WeDo Construction Kit gives children the ability to create controllable interactive machines. Thanks to the LEGO WeDo extension available in Scratch 2.0, you can control these machines by using Scratch-based software.

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9. List

The list is basically an array. Thanks to it, you can store multiple pieces of information at the same place, and access them via different scripts.

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10. Mesh

With Mesh, you can make two Scratch projects work together even if they are used on different computers. Thanks to Mesh, your programs will share broadcasts and variables, thus giving you loads of opportunities for interacting programs.

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11. Mouse Position Monitors

A simple tool that when enabled will shot the position of the mouse pointer.

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12. MIDI Instruments

With this tool you can add various sound effects to your projects. Apart from sound effects, you can also add entire songs.

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13. Paint Editor

If you are new and you don’t have a library of backgrounds and costumes, then use the Paint Editor to draw some.

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14. Pen

The Pen is used in combination with a Sprite and Pen Blocks to draw shapes and forms directly on the screen. By default, it is capable of drawing dots, lines, circles and rectangles, but if you use the right scripts, you’ll be able to do so much more.

15. PicoBoard

The PicoBoard is a piece of hardware that adds life to your Scratch projects. Thanks to it, you can make your Scratch projects interact with the rest of the world.

16. Project Importing

The name says everything you need to know about this tool. Use it to import projects into other projects.

17. Scratch

Scratch is the name of the programming language that makes it all happen.

18. Scratch Resources

The biggest repository of information related to Scratch. Go there to find everything you need to know about this interesting programming language.

19. Script

In Scratch, the script is what text is to regular programming languages. Thanks to the Script, you control the project’s story and development.

20. Scripts Area

This is the workspace from which you can create, modify and delete Scripts.

21. Sound

Sounds are small files that can be used to add sound effects that will be played along blocks.

22. Sprite

Sprites are objects that are used to run scripts and perform actions based on the result from those scripts.

23. Stage

The stage is the background of every project, and it is the place where all the scripting happens.

24. Stage Monitors

These are small displays that show important information directly on the screen of your projects.

25. Stop Sign

The stop sign instantly stops the execution of all scripts used in the project.

26. String

The string is basically text – a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

27. System Browser

An incredibly strong tool that you need to master in order to take full advantage of Scratch’s functionality! Thanks to the System Browser you can modify Scratch’s source code, and add various features to your next projects.

28. Timer

If you want for different events and scripts to happen at a specific time, then use the Timer to take advantage of Scratch’s time duration feature. Thanks to the Timer, you can make your applications much more interesting.

29. Variable

This tool allows you store information in the form of either strings or numbers.

30. VM Preferences

Scratch is executed on Squeak. Use the VM Preferences interface to modify the way Scratch runs.

31. World Menu

The place where you can modify just about every aspect of Scratch! Lots of settings, instructions, windows and browsers are there to assist you.