Five Amazing Shower Designs for Shower Lovers

Isn’t it nice to pamper oneself after a long and tiring day? Grabbing some favorite bites for take-out, watching a movie, or stretching out nicely in bed are some common activities that people do to relax themselves after a hectic work or school day. But actually, many people love to take showers to de-stress and rejuvenate themselves before resting at night. Think showers are only done when someone’s starting to smell stinky? Well, think again.

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Water’s Positive Effects on Humans

Water is a powerful element that has the capacity to refresh the body, mind and spirit. It manifests its calming effects whenever people use them for their daily needs. For instance, drinking water makes a person full and refreshed from the inside. Hearing the lovely sound of crackling or pouring water evokes feelings of calmness, especially when paired with meditation techniques. And of course, people who take a shower not only cleanse their physical body; it also rejuvenates and gives them a feeling of happiness.

On Showers and Calmness

Speaking of showers, most people find an end-of-the-day shower to be calming and fun. Others may even find nightly showers to be sleep-inducing. This is because they find themselves relaxed and happy during and after showering. Water running through their skin cleanses the day’s dirt away, while the senses feast on the water’s coldness and consequently brings out a feeling of well-being and rejuvenation for the person.

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Stylish Showers Aren’t Just for Show

It’s not just the water in the shower that gives off that relaxing and pleasant vibe to a person. It’s also the shower room’s interiors. The room’s design and vibe can affect the person’s moods and feelings while taking a quick shower. The wall’s colors, the tub’s texture, the shower head’s water flow – all these contribute to the overall pleasant shower experience. The shower room should be constructed and furnished to help the user delve deeper into a really rejuvenating experience every time he enters the shower room. Here are five lovely shower design ideas that can turn anyone’s shower room into a haven of comfort.

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Create a natural shower look with light walls, dark floors and some waterfall-type showers.

Make a dull shower room naturally lovely with light off-white or beige tiles for the walls and dark brown or green tiles for the floor. Stick to solid colors or small designs to avoid overpowering the colors. Pair it with tinted glass doors or a shower curtain in the same color scheme. Replace the usual round body showers with a unique waterfall shower. This type of shower head pours out water horizontally, just like a waterfall. Persons who love to mimic a relaxing waterfall experience may do so with this beautiful shower design.

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Add some small shelves above wall-mounted toilets for additional storage space.

Small bathrooms and shower rooms are quite difficult to plan. The need for more legroom space predominates over the room’s overall aesthetic value. Hence, one way to keep a tiny bathroom interesting is by adding small shelves above wall-mounted toilet seats. These shelves can be used to display small frames of lovely scenery pictures to add beauty to the room. Plus, it can also double as an extra storage space for vanity items.

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Install frameless shower panels instead of using shower curtains.

Shower curtains take care of privacy really well, but these items are quite hard to clean and block out most of the natural light in a bath or shower room. So, it’s a better idea to use frameless shower panels instead. Tinted shower panels instantly revamp a shower room, bringing in additional light without necessarily jeopardizing the user’s privacy. It can either be installed fixed or with hinges for the panels to be easily swung before and after shower use. Frameless tinted shower panels work well on bathrooms with built-in tubs, as well as on small bathrooms.

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Keep the wash basins and toilets in-sync

A great shower room should have a toilet seat and a wash basin in place. Now, these items need not look boring to the eyes. Create a contemporary and upbeat shower room vibe with a designer wash basin that’ll fit the room’s color scheme and feel. Ceramic, resin, and onyx wash basins and their toilet counterparts in lively colors such as olive green and orange take a shower room from flat to fab.

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Integrate the shower room with the main bathroom

Those who like a little more privacy may opt to join their main bathrooms with the shower room. A tinted glass door will typically separate the shower room from the bath. The shower room should have a muted, neutral color scheme in soft browns and beiges to exude a relaxing vibe. The main bath may be painted or tiled in colors that are a bit stronger than the shower room, but still within the same color scheme.


Choosing a unique and relaxed style that fits a person’s needs and personality is the key to creating a lovely bath and shower room. Pick a design idea now and build a shower room that’ll help you wash your stresses away.