Why Do Small Business Needs to Invest in a Web Hosting

Anyone who is serious about starting a website that will grow into a profitable business must consider to sign up for a web hosting plan. Free hosting will not be beneficial for your small business because it will not offer enough resources to accommodate your growing business needs. Nowadays, web hosting is available at an affordable rate that everyone can afford. You can get a high quality web hosting for less than $10 per month. If you pay in advance, you can get the web hosting service at an even cheaper rate because of the bulk discount.

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Usually, you can only pay for the web hosting services for up to 3 years in advance. If you can’t afford to pay in advance, you can look for a web hosting company that let you pay on a monthly basis. You can set up automatic payment to automatically deduct the monthly hosting fee from your credit/debit card or Paypal accounts. If you choose the monthly plan, you can cancel at anytime by contacting the customer support.

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When shopping for a web hosting plan, you should click through each of the link in the navigation menu of the web hosting company site. You should find out what types of web hosting solutions they are offering such as shared, cloud, WordPress, and dedicated hosting. It is advised that you choose 3 – 4 of the best web hosting companies to perform a comparison in between them. The most important features that you should pay attention when shopping for a web hosting plan are disk space, bandwidth/how many visits it can accommodate, email accounts, MySQL databases and number of domains you can host.

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You should also check what type of control panel that they provide for you to manage your websites. The web hosting company may also offer freebies in the web hosting plan. You can test the customer support by clicking on the live chat button or submitting a ticket to submit your inquiries. You should check the cancellation policy to find out how much time you are given to cancel the plan in order to get a full refund back. The web hosting company must offer a good uptime guarantee otherwise your website will be hardly accessible due to the downtime problem. If the uptime guarantee is lower than 98%, you should not sign up with them and look for a different web hosting company instead.

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Before you checkout to pay for your hosting plan, you should read hosting reviews especially one that is written by a real customer. Not reading reviews will increase your chances of signing up with the wrong web hosting company. This is because you never know if what the web hosting company advertise on the homepage is real until you read reviews from someone who have actually signed up and use the web hosting before.

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You should try to find 3 – 4 reviews site that publish customer reviews on the web hosting company. From reading the reviews, you can find out whether people are complementing or complaining about the web hosting companies. They will discuss about all aspects of the web hosting companies including customer support, features, reliability and uptime in the hosting reviews.

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There are also many blogs that specifically publish expert reviews on different web hosting companies. These blog reviews of the web hosting companies are written by experts who have actually signed up for the web hosting plan. This allows them to tell you what are their favorite features in the web hosting plan.

They also usually provide a graph that shows the uptime of the server in a period of a few months to let you know whether the web hosting company is reliable. The expert web hosting reviews will also gauge the level of the customer support the web hosting company provide based on how they resolve the inquiries that are submitted to them.

You can compare the customer reviews with the expert reviews and decide for yourself whether you should sign up with the web hosting company. It is important not to base your purchase decision on the price of the web hosting plan. Buying a quality web hosting plan that is priced fairly is better than buying a cheap hosting that will constantly cause downtime problem to your website once you transfer your site there.