Why Small Business Needs a Quality Web Design?

Small business owners use every excuse in the book for why a website is unnecessary for their business. Some conclude that their business is too small or their industry is non-technical. Others claim they do not have time or money to build a website.

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These people are simply unaware of how easy it is to build a website these days. With the small business service at Web.com and other web hosts, business owners can have a brand new website up and running in an hour, for a price they can afford.

There are many good reasons for a small business to have a web presence. Customers often pre-qualify the businesses they work with by visiting their websites. According to research by HubSpot, a popular marketing service, 78 percent of Internet users conduct product research before making an online transaction.

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Without a website, companies risk losing their business to the competition. Smart business owners understand that having a website is an important part of branding and marketing. Even companies that offer sub-par products and services can overcome their deficiencies with a professional-looking website. Customers do judge a book by its cover.

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For many businesses, customers are already talking about them online through email, blogs and social media. A website enables business owners to engage with their customers and control the conversation. It allows them to showcase their best products, introduce new features and respond to reviews.

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Having a website makes a business discoverable through review sites, social media and the global positioning system (GPS). This is extremely important, since getting found on Google and other search engines does not “just happen.” A website that prominently features location and contact information increases the odds that business will be found on business directories, local review sites and other Internet venues.

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Finally, a website can significantly increase a company’s bottom line. Online sales through a website add another revenue stream to the business. More customers than ever are using ecommerce to purchase their products and services, and e-businesses have a global reach. Even if a business does not plan to sell physical products online, a website is a good way to sell gift cards, eBooks and other digital downloads.

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These are not the only reasons for a small business to have a website. However, they should offer a better understanding of its many advantages. With web services from companies like Web.com, it has never been easier for businesses to gain a web presence and all the benefits that come with it.