Smart iPhone 5 Apps for Health and Fitness Experts

In this era of technology, gadgets are available to provide support to every kind of profession. Whether you are a business professional and want a gadget for your presentation or a specialized cook, who wants a gadget to get information about new recipes, gadgets like iPhone 5 is always there to accommodate such users. Now you must be thinking how. The answer is quite simple, with the help of its specifically designed apps.

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There are a large number of apps, which one can download to take assistance in one’s professional. Despite of the availability of millions of apps, the demand for apps that can support different professions is increasing immensely with the passage of time. These days, the trend of using iPhone 5 by health and fitness experts has a lot increased a lot. The reason is the efficient facilitation, which is now possible due to the use of various health and fitness iPhone apps. People, who are planning to serve the mankind by providing services related to health and fitness, can consider a large number of health and fitness at affordable rates. Some of these apps are as follows:

Withings Smart BP Monitor

You must have noticed that in the current era, every second person has either high or low blood pressure issue. Thus, to have a BP monitor has become the indispensable need of many individuals these days. It seems like useless to visit the clinic just for the BP monitoring, as it is waste of time, money, and effort, without any doubt. To avoid this inconvenience, now you can save such people from hassle and can monitor their BP using your iPhone 5.

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For this, you will be required to make a purchase of Witlings Smart BP Monitor along with its app. This BP monitoring apparatus is easy to use. You can attach the device with your gadget and wrap the monitor around your arm. Your gadget will track your BP level with the help of smart app installed in it. This smart BP Monitor apparatus is easy to afford and will cost you only $129.


Larklife is a technology-based tool to track all the activities of your life. Using this smart app based band, you can track every activity you do including eating, running, exercising, sleeping, and many more. This kit will be proved helpful in making health recommendations. For example, if you did not have chance for enough sleep, which is required for your body, then this apparatus will give you an alert about it.

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You will be provided two wristbands to track your day and night activity along with a free app, and the whole tool kit will cost you only $149.99. Using this smart health and fitness monitor, you can offer monitoring services to your client after charging him some money.

However, it is important to understand that using an iPhone 5 that extensively may lead to damages. To avoid such a hassle in your professional path, you must insure your gadget.

Lose It

For the iPhone users, it is one of the most accepted and complete weight-loss apps. With the help of this free app, you can know that how many calories you are taking in and how many you burn during exercise. This app has comprehensive database of food items and activities. You just have to enter your current weight in this app along with the desired weight, and it will tell how many calories you must take in a day. It will also tell you the number of days to attain the desired weight. Moreover, with the help of this app you can scan the barcodes of different food items to know whether you should take them or not.

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Nike Training Club

You might not be a celebrity, but now you can work out like them. This app works as your personal trainer. It has more than 85 workouts, ranging from fifteen minutes professional athlete workout to forty-five minutes full body workout. You can select the workout according to your needs and you can track the record of your workout and training. This app is also free so download it and plan your work out like the celebrities.

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All-in Yoga

If you are a yoga lover then this app is best for you because it has more than 300 yoga poses with picture, audio and video details. Along with this, it has 3D muscle model for every yoga pose given in the app. This app has more than 40 ready to use yoga programs but you can also create your own with timer to transit from one pose to another.

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