Smart Mobile App Design and Development Trends Defining the Future

Mobile technology is growing at a breakneck speed and new apps are becoming an integral part of the mobile ecosystem. But there are various trends governing the present scenario that are interesting enough to make a foray into the near future.

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Here are the top development trends of the mobile app market in terms of mobile app design and marketing approach:

Faster Mobile Development

Companies are trying to match the increasing demand for mobile apps with quick launch of products and services. Mobile app developers are reducing the duration of design and development lifecycles and breaking down the duration between ideation and launch. One can expect rapid app development frameworks in the market delivering consistent value to customers. Rapid launches and fast reach to market is what is required now.

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Driven With Cloud Technology

Booming cloud technology is going to make an impression in the app development revolution. Mobile app developers are now focused on integrating and synchronising apps for different devices. The cloud approach will help them to try out apps for different mobile devices with the same data and even similar features.

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With multiple companies opting for a cloud-based app development platforms, developers are now free to opt for complete tool chains for app design, building, continuous integration, testing and store submissions. The development process is faster with no need for complicated methods to push the process.

Security In Apps

Mobile app design should revolve around mobile app security which has been a huge concern of users since most apps are vulnerable to hacks and would not be able to pass security tests, according to Gartner. Hackers can actually boost the trend of exploiting security gaps. With the present trends, many companies are now vouching for secured apps with secured data storage, prevention of leakage of data, secured cryptography and the like.

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Location Based and Beacon Internet (Wi-Fi) Services

Beacon (Beam) technology has brought about a transition in online and offline and iOS is already flaunting it. One can expect Android to catch up soon with every industry expected to opt for such internet services. Beacons is used in large buildings and it will be worthy of a trend once beacons are implemented in many of them to provide internal mapping. One can get the list of last-known locations tracked efficiently through beacons or temperature sensors can even indicate the active zones in case of emergencies.

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Wearable Tech

Apple Watch has spurted out huge trends in wearable technology and many of them have ventured on bands related to health and fitness. Now the wearables are also expected to be utilised in various other avenues and enterprises with varying efficiency and productivity. Wearable technology is now entering fashion while the design and development of cross-device applications will open an unlimited scope for new fresh apps breaking the norm of last year.

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Mobile Banking, Payments and M-Commerce

19% of commercial sales are now derived from mobile. Analysts state that as consumers adapt to m-commerce solutions, it is a given that transactions through mobile will become a normal norm. Transferring money or purchasing goods using a mobile phone is becoming as common as using credit or debit cards. This implies that developers can develop the mobile apps that can process transactions without needing cash or any physical cards.

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Internet of Things

Just like cloud technology, IoT is getting huge precedence and many are actually looking forward for a ubiquitous world of connectivity with streaming sources of information. Some key IoT trends indicate proliferation of new devices, development of new standards, multi-sensor support and M2M automation with several security and privacy issues addressed. One can expect mobile app design to revolve around varied digital products and adoption of related services for a connected ecosystem.

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Smart devices and IoT are both expected to deliver a flexible mobile experience, buoyed by varied sensors and systems all around.

Analytics and Big Data

Mobile apps are also going to usher in technology related to analytics with in-app advertisements and consumer purchases. Data analytics will play an important role of helping app developers for delivering better user experience.

Modern businesses now demand for instant insight with real time data to assess customer’s behaviour and also their own decision-making process. The relationship between mobile apps and their usage is expected to boost a company’s outlook and sales strategy in the right direction.

Improved Enterprise Apps

One can expect a bulk of enterprises utilise mobile application development for building more interactive mobile apps. Even mobile app design will focus on minimal design rather than a cluttered approach. Many enterprise apps are now available to facilitate a growing connect with their end customers and their prospects too.

Mobile Gaming

One can expect mobile games to be more interactive and personalized with virtual gaming, simulations and online gaming growing tremendously. With the rise of mobile gaming, social media interactions are getting entertaining by the day. One can use cloud technology to sync between different devices and one can expect several companies leveraging the medium for pushing their latest products and offerings soon.

Juned Ahmed is the marketing manager for Indian App Developers, a mobile app development company. Juned has extensive experience in community management, content strategy with over 15 years of experience in high growth mobile technology markets.