How Smart Tech is Integrating Our Homes?

Technology in this modern day and age has helped us to live a much easier and happier life. We can pretty much run everything in our daily lives from our security system to our lights and televisions with technology, and we do not even need to be home to do so.

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Amazon’s Little Helper

Amazon has the answer you need when it comes to having the perfect assistant. Alexa is there to help you with pretty much everything you could ever need. She can add things to your calendar and even your shopping list. She is able to connect to many of your home appliances and run them for you with a simple voice command. Alexa is a great beginning for any SMART home.

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Smart Security For Your Home

Home security has come a long way as technology advances and makes things easier to manage. You now have the ability to use your mobile phones to connect to your security systems and monitor your home from wherever you are at any time. When it comes to the home security Phoenix residents need in order to be protected from some of the more recent deadly home invasions, there are some great options out there. 

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You can get help to set up your system with your phones as well as setting up the app for you. You can also use Amazons Echo or Dot (the interface to Alexa to turn your system on and off. Whatever you decide to do about home security, no matter what devices it can or can’t connect to, you need to make sure to get a system that doesn’t leave you vulnerable if would-be burglars cut the power box

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Smart Appliances To Make Your Life Easier

Having smart appliances in your home is not only going to help you save a lot of time but it will help you save energy and money. With appliances like refrigerators that allow you to see through the doors without opening them, you can save on energy. You have ovens that you can turn on with your phone or with the use of Amazons Echo. You even have vacuum cleaners that can run by themselves while you are busy doing other things. All of these things are built with an eye to making life easier for you.

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Nest Your Home For Comfort

With a smart thermostat, you can control your hot water as well as your air conditioner. Nest allows you to control the amount of energy that you use and over time it learns how you use energy and will set it for you daily. The smart thermostat can integrate with most home security systems.  This is a fantastic way to be more eco-friendly while always having your home nice and comfortable.

Why Get Cable When You Can Stream

Some people spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on cable and satellite bills. There are better ways that you can watch the things you love, such as Roku with 1000 plus channels. Amazon Fire stick allows you to link to your Amazon account and watch everything they have streaming. You also have the option of Netflix and Hulu to watch television shows and movies.

Intelligent Outlets

Technology has evolved so much that it has even changed the way we use our electrical outlets. They can sense your presence and even allow you to make your home completely cordless. There is a company called WiTricity that makes transmitters you can plug in and will pull the electricity from the air allowing you to charge your certain electronics and even turn on your lamps when you walk into a room and turn them back off as you leave. These devices need to be equipped with special receivers in order to be used with this special software.  Smart Tech is helping change the way the modern age evolves around us. The only question is – what is keeping you from creating your SMART home?