Smart Ways to Use Smart Home Technology

Australian homeowners are considering the upgrade to a more automated home. The luxury of home automation is that it allows people to keep tabs on their home at all times from their smart mobile device or their computer. It was only around 50 years ago that the world had been dreaming about home automation concepts where you could control or monitor your home from a remote location. This dream has now turned into a reality. If you are someone that is interested in high-tech living, then below are a few innovative ways you can upgrade your home.

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Australian businesses that specialize in home automation products such as SmartHome have provided the following recommendation from their blog.

There are a few options to consider when preparing your home for automation. Home automation may come about from curiosity or from the need to respond to a problem. There are cases where people need things to work easily with as much ease as possible. The option that is available is the INSTEON range, however it has its limits to what it will work with. But it is known for its reliability and easy of use.

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Alternatively, Smart Homes recommends the Z-Wave, which offers a wide product range, but does require a bit more customization and troubleshooting. The reason it is recommended is because if you have an idea about how you would like to automate something, Z-Wave has the capacity to fulfill that idea.

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The third option that they recommend is IFTTT (If this then that) integration via WeMo, which will help you manage basic lighting and appliances around your home. The limitations of this system are that you won’t be able to grow your smart home outside of the basic appliances in your home.

Some of the smart functions that you can add to your home include the following.

You can control your home with your voice

You can control your home with your voice by using an Android powered device and an INSTEON hub. When this is combined with the apps plugin autovoice and tasker, your home will have the functionality to implement tasks based on your voice commands.

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Control or monitor your home from a remote location

Your home will be connected to the Internet through the smart hub that you have installed in your home. Once you configure your smart device, you can literally access and control your home from any remote location, provided that you have access to the internet. This adds convenience to your lifestyle and can help you save both time and money with tasks within your home.

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Tap into your home with any smart device

You can tap into your home with any smart device that is operating on an Apple iOS or Android operating system. The different hubs and applications may have limitations to which operating systems they may be compliant to, but you can check with an expert to see what the best options are for your smart home.

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Saving energy through lighting controls

You can manage the lighting controls with dimmers within the home and lighting requirements for security purposes. Home automation will give you the option to set the lighting automatically or manually through the remote use of your smart mobile device.

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Monitoring security for your home

One of the great things about configuring your home to your smart device is the ability to monitor and set security requirements remotely. You can install alarm systems that can notify your phone and give you options to manage the security of your home. Furthermore, you can even enhance the locking system of your home and control it with your smart device. You can say goodbye to the old school ways of locking up the house with keys.

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Managing the thermostat in your home

Keep yourself warm in the winter and cool during the summertime by managing the thermostat within your home. You can set the times and temperatures for the ideal climate within your home.

Depending on what you are after with your smart home, you can enhance your home with simple smart appliances or become innovative and aim to create the holistic smart home. It’s up to you to make the smart choice!

The team at SmartHome share a strong passion for home automation. The SmartHome team are dedicated to making your home or office more comfortable, secure and efficient. With a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them, they have curated an impressive range of home automation and smart home products, available in Australia and New Zealand.