6 Proven Social Media Tactics to Expand Your Reach

Social Media is very powerful that it can make or break your business or whatever services you are offering. It is perfectly paired with SEO and when the two comes together, it is a recipe for a perfect website with visitors and client pouring in. In the dental world services, the competition is getting tough that websites need creative SEO ideas and dental marketing to gain more popularity on the internet. The secret to success in SEO is not to place too many keywords in a single blog but to strategically place them in a subtle way that makes any article creative, understandable and very informative. Eventually, using the power of the social media to promote your website is the cherry on top.


Sharing a Useful Content

Before going through the complexity of website designs, social media contest etc. you should keep one thing in mind- that is to share useful content. Add value to your products and services by writing and utilizing SEOs that are useful. Always remember that people are looking for something that can answer whatever they are looking for in an honest and straight-to-the-point manner. Doing this will make you have a lot of followers and even clients come knocking on your office. Just make sure you are consistent in your blogs and contents especially when it comes to the timeline so that your social media followers will know what and when to expect something from you.

Share Guest Post Opportunities

This valuable tip does not only promote your website and services but to also expand your reach in the business. Enabling guest posts can be far-fetching since you can tap unfamiliar territories which you weren’t able to target beforehand because, guests can bring a different flavor to the plate but, still deliver a good SEO output.

Organize a Social Media Contest

Contests are what excite followers and it gives them something to look forward to in your social media accounts.  You can view this as a win-win situation for you and the followers because it helps you get many new contacts, gain new followers and in turn have new clients. On the other side of the coin, it motivates them and makes them follow your updates whether daily or weekly basis.

Tap into Virality of Memes

Memes are everywhere! It is actually cultural behaviors that are spread from one person to another in a form of imitation. This can be good for business because it gives a sense of humor and at the same time promote your products and services by just using the Meme generator. No fancy keywords and articles needed- just picture and a catchy phrase or even fun to send out a message to your followers.

Tag a Friend Who…

This is very popular on social media sites like Facebook and it becomes very relatable amongst friends. Once done right, this can be a very good social media marketing tool. You can use this as an invitation to take on a challenge, poke some fun to some of your follower’s friends or highlight someone or something on a positive note.

Learn How You can Manage Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social media can be maximized to its fullest potential but you should remember that each social network has its strengths and functionalities. It is best to examine these things first so that you won’t go wrong when promoting your services.  For instance, hash-tags are very much useful in Twitter and Instagram but it is not widely used on Facebook. Moreover, capturing a very nice photo and linking it to your website can be very practical on Pinterest but not in Twitter. So, it’s very important to now the website’s functionality to effectively market your business.

Using these proven social media tactics can greatly increase your chances of reaching a lot of followers and clients in your community. You just really have to make sure you are pressing the right buttons in order to effectively deliver your message to your social network followers.

Mike Pedersen is the founder of The Dental Boost, a dental SEO company in Arizona. A boutique, hands-on digital marketing agency helping the dentists grow their new patient numbers and revenues using a customized dental marketing system.