SolidWorks 2014 Features; What to Expect?

Solidworks, one of the most popular 3D mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) programs is releasing a new 2014 version, which promises to be better than the current version. Solidworks aims to attract more customers using the new Solidworks 2014 features and make their existing customers more satisfied by improving the program’s user-friendliness. So, how does Solidworks plan to do this? What are the new Solidworks 2014 features?

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Useful System Resources for Increased Performance

Solidworks 2014 plans to focus more on increasing the program’s performance to make the process of designing faster and easier. They plan to do this by making system resources more useful and efficient. Here are some of the new Solidworks 2014 features that will enhance performance:

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* A Slot Hole wizard that lets designers generate slots automatically based on the fastener’s size, change hole to slot and vice versa at any time and limit range of fasteners automatically.

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* Default mate intelligence that allows faster and more automated building of assemblies. It automatically determines the best mate for a specific part based on the geometry and existing constraints on that part to avoid constriction.

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* Designers can define and then store thermal properties of a design’s component in the CircuitworksTM to use them at another time in the Solidworks flow simulation electronic cooling performance analyses.

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* Solidworks simulation and plastics that enables designers to analyze stress accurately in injection-molded plastics and observe deformation in parts from cooling to room temperatures.

Improved Design Tool Kit for Easy Designing

It also plans to improve design tools to ease the process of designing and do more. Here are some of the features designers should expect:

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* Increased accuracy in spline creation, complete control over its characters and ease of creation of complex shapes.

* Easy replacement of sketches while retaining feature history thus eliminating downstream errors that arise from broken or lost references, and updating of downstream features without any extra effort.

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* A single command for addition of ribs and gussets on to sheet metal bends with the additional ability to create different styles.

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* Creation of smoother transitions between adjacent faces, control of width, curvature and the Rho value and generally greater control on the appearance of parts.

Workflow Integration for Enhanced Productivity & Innovation

The new Solidworks 2014 features will also include integration of workflows for more productivity and innovation. Designers will be able to perform the following tasks:

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* Addition of rotation to components for better portrayal of assembly processes on animations and drawings.

* Calculation of machine costs for a part without the need of setting up templates for better and quicker estimation of total costs. Calculation is per volume instead of recognition of features, making estimations more accurate.

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* Quicker and more precise documentation if radial features and automatically create angular ordinate dimensions.

New Designer’s Opportunities in Solidworks

Solidworks 2014 also plans to improve interface and product visualization tools for more dynamic viewing of the assembly. This move will open the following opportunities to designers:

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* Designers get to choose whether to include or exclude certain components when creating a section view, easily get insight of internal components and section faster with greater flexibility.

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* Set a geographical location, time and date to account for real world shadow and lighting positions for a more accurate and real looking appearance.

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* Easily understand contact relations between different parts of an assembly by viewing all contacts naturally. This will help designers identify parts that require changes to make the assembly better.

Easy Designing Options for New and Experienced Designers

Solidworks 2014 features are also meant to make the process of designing using this program easier for the inexperienced designers and of course easier for the experienced designers.

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These Solidworks features have been inspired by its customers’ opinion. They have identified what customers want by observing the changes they make to their assemblies, changes that are not supported by the current version of Solidworks. The goal is to give the designers what they want to ease their work and improve the user-friendliness of Solidworks CAD program.

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The new features are meant to make the change in Solidworks more evolutionary rather than revolutionary, and with these new features, they hope to get more customers from the potential customer market of about 4 million.

Solidworks and 3D Designing World

These new Solidworks 2014 features will definitely have a significant impact in the field of 3D designing as they are all clearly meant to eliminate the current flaws in 3D designing as well as increasing the options available to designers. There are so many reviews of this product on the internet and it is therefore important to know which to trust by considering important factors.

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